Microsoft should fear Intel Macs

“There has been much talk about the threat that Apple Macintosh computers now pose to Windows PCs – or should we say Windows only PCs. Make no mistake, the talk is well justified, as recent market research shows. However, what hasn’t been talked about as much is the very real threat that Macs now pose to the Windows operating system itself,” Stan Beer writes for iTWire.

“Stories about Apple’s Boot Camp software and vitualization software from US startup Parallels, both of which allows Windows and Mac OSX to coexist on new Mac desktops and notebooks are already sending shivers through the collective spines Windows PC vendors. The new Macs are well priced, well made and now present an attractive alternative to the one dimensional PCs in the marketplace,” Beer writes.

Beer asks, “Who wouldn’t want a computer that could enable you to run all of your legacy applications as well as provide you with access to a bunch of new ones that are easy to use and come preloaded in a package that is comparable in price to the alternatives?”

“The issue for Microsoft is that all of a sudden its users who have bought their first Mac, will be exposed to a new operating system which will enable them to do most of the tasks that they have been doing on Windows. Plus the new operating system will be less susceptible to malware, easy to use and have excellent inbuilt features that home users like…”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Beverly M” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Mr. Beer sounds like a SteveJack reader.

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    Is the MDN staff solely Steve Jack or are there others? All the MDN takes sound like they are written by the same person, so I’m assuming that person is Steve Jack. Can anyone confirm?


    My guess is Steve Jack is MDN. I also think that Fact Checker is also Steve Jack. Whenever there is an attack on a MDN take, Fact Checker always comes out of the woodwork to defend MDN.

  2. I think there’s a lot of truth to what he is saying. From any practical standpoint, the Macintosh is the ONLY computer to get. No matter how you look at it, it is truly the ONLY way to go. You get every OS in creation using Parallels software, a beautiful and reliable machine, and peace of mind with security from the *NIX underpinnings of OS X. I would say “mindboggling” is an understatement at best when trying to understand the thinking behind people who are to this day only considering a Dell, HP, or other OS limited machine. As I said, there is absolutely NO practical standpoint a person can take to justify passing up a Mac for any other PC.

    However, for those of us who really do have a “computer purchasing” I.Q. above the double digits, please put your minds at ease. Remember, many of these people only look at the up-front cost and consider no other aspect of the purchase except that it connects to the internet. It’s a very sad state but true. I’m actually glad these people haven’t bought Macs. Not all customers are worth having.

  3. Thursday, July 13, 1886 – 12:10 PM EDT

    “There has been much talk about the threat that Sony’s newly introduced dual VHS/Betamax video player now poses to VHS machines – or should we say VHS only video player. Make no mistake, the talk is well justified, as recent market research shows. However, what hasn’t been talked about as much is the very real threat that Macs now pose to the VHS standard…”

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