Microsoft in decline

“The bloom appears to be fading from the Redmond rose,” ABC News reports.

“Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft Corp., the most powerful technology company in the world, has faced a variety of legal and operational hurdles this year, leaving some observers to believe the company has peaked and has begun a steady slide from industry dominance,” ABC News reports.

“Co-founder Bill Gates’ announcement last month that he would withdraw from the company’s daily operations over the next two years marked the start of a major shift of the face of the tech giant,” ABC News reports. “The company has suffered increasing trouble getting key new products out on time. Development issues have delayed the release of its much-anticipated new Vista operating system by more than two years. The most recent delay sparked a sharp drop in the Microsoft stock price.”

Full article, with a nice timeline of some of the technical, operational and legal problems that Microsoft has faced in the last several months, here.

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  1. Bill Gates departure was the “rats leaving the sinking ship”. I’d like to give Apple credit for M$’s downfall, but it’s really their own fault. Poor management has done them in. They were excellent at gaining market share and destroying competitors, but in the end, they couldn’t survive their own success.

    Microsoft (2000s) = AT&T (80s) = IBM (80s)

    It won’t die, but it will be a shadow of it’s former self.

  2. Jeez MDN you’re gonna give yourself some bad Karma with all these gloating pieces about how crappy MSoft is.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like seeing MS get their comeuppance as much as the next guy (after all what Mac uses doesn’t have to put up with some arrogant and/or ignorant Windows user everyday), but how many times have we heard the same thing about Apple?

    Personally I don’t care if Apple gets more market share. They are not going under, they make excellent products and I can get my work done. (I’m lucky tho’ I get to use a Mac at work and at home…I know others aren’t that lucky)

  3. Ballmer must go.

    A normal company would have already axed Ballmer, but it is becoming apparent that Microsoft´s top management is based on the good old boy system and all them are richer than any other stock holders combined so stock holders are up sh$t crick without a paddle.

    Ballmer must go.

  4. Back in the mid-late 1950’s GM held over 75% of the US car & truck market. Not ‘domestic’– total. Now GM has less than 25% and may well have to link up with Renault & Nissan. It took a while, but it happened. Not one company, but a thousand cuts from all over.

    Are you listening Bill & Steve?

  5. Fast Forward to Redmond 2007:
    We go live now to Shepard Smith in Redmond, Washington. Shep?

    Thanks, guys. I am live on the Microsoft campus, where Microsoft is on the verge of Chapter 11. In the background, I don’t know if you can see him, but Steve Ballmer is yelling and screaming in the background while playing the violin, as the campus is ablaze, occassionally wiping his head with his sweaty towel.

  6. And in other news, Microsoft issued this statement in a press release today, June 14th, 2007:

    “Contrary to current rumors, Microsoft is completely solvent Chapter 11 and we have no plans to readjust our guidance going forward stock crash. We continue to target a September 2007 shipping date for Vista when hell freezes over, and our channel partners slaves continue to be pleased with our revised timetable no choice. Further, our Zune multimedia entertainment system vapor is evolving exponentially toward its release in time for the holiday shopping season of 2008. We continue to innovate steal in the marketplace and anticipate that Vista will change the computing landscape as we know it low adoption. Microsoft welcomes all technology partners hot sex interested in joining us on our upcoming development projects pregnant and holding the bag and initiating any dialogue with regard to establishing joint technological standards lock box so that in concert we may all continue to service the marketplace slash and burn that Microsoft has established over the last two decades stolen by unfair trade.”

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