Apple releases Boot Camp Beta 1.0.2

Apple has released Boot Camp Public Beta 1.0.2 software (a “quiet” release on Monday as it is a beta product), which lets you inflict the Windows XP operating system upon your Intel-powered Mac.

Apple has released no information regarding the changes in this release.

MacFixIt theorizes that it may include revised versions of the Windows XP Mac drivers:

It is presumed that this update includes revised versions of the Windows XP Mac drivers, so you should burn a new drivers disk (using Boot Camp Assistant) after installing the Boot Camp update, then boot into Windows XP and re-install drivers… In-house we’ve noticed no discernible changes after applying the updated (1.0.2) Windows XP drivers on a MacBook Pro running Boot Camp.

More info and download link for Boot Camp Beta 1.0.2 here.

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  1. Anyone else having problems where the keyboard will randomly ‘go away’ and return when booted into Windoze? It’s like the USB interface drops, then returns for no apparent reason.

    Intel iMac, 17″, 1.83 Core Duo, 512 MB RAM.

    I’ve always thought this might be due to a driver issue… maybe this will fix it..?

  2. db’s right. windows sucks, but the unfortunate truth is that there are some programs that are windows-only, or run best on windows. boot camp is a good thing for businesses that require windows – you can still get a mac and also boot up windows when you need to.

    imac – two computers for the price of one and a half. =)

  3. @Jim:

    One good example is that my partner needs to use Windows-only applications to return to college online. He currently has an iBook, and wants to remain a Mac-user (thank goodness!). In order to meet his educational goals, maintain his work schedule, and still use his preferred OS, he needs to run Boot Camp on an Intel-powered Mac. Thus, he’s selling his iBook, buying a MacBook and will be able to do all those things.

    So, it’s not as though he “wants” to run WinXP, but if he’s going to acheive his goals it’s the best way. I say Bravo to Apple for helping him get what he wants. (And Boo to the school for being so Win-centric, but he’s working on them, too.)

  4. C’mon now, it’s fun to play with XP on occassion just to see what the other side is inflicted with. Besides, I have Boot Camp/XP installed too just to show off to the PC weenies out there that I can run both and they can’t. LOL

  5. Thanks for the honest answers guys, I wasn’t flaming, just curious. I’d rather use that 10GB of space for music or movies, and have a cheap PC connected via Remote Desktop Connection.

    Or Parallels, so at least I’m not ‘trapped’ in XP until I reboot.

  6. I like having Boot Camp so I can run that Ghetto OS called Windows. It’s a convenient way to show people stuck in Windblows how nice things are in the upscale Macintosh neighborhood.

    Too bad in the real world one can’t just switch from living in a crime infested cesspool (Windblows) to the pristine, safe, fun suburbs for similar price.

    Rock on Steve!
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  7. MacMania – “Too bad in the real world one can’t just switch from living in a crime infested cesspool (Windblows) to the pristine, safe, fun suburbs for similar price.”

    Where do you live I will send you your crimeless stats

  8. Bearman said: “Where do you live I will send you your crimeless stats”

    Ah, Bearman I don’t remember saying the “Mac neighborhood” is “crimeless” (is that even a word, grammarians?). “Safe” is a relative term.

    Loosen your helmet and please try to keep up!
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