Study: Apple customers are by far the most loyal of any computer company

Apple, Google and Symantec have today been revealed as the high-technology companies with the most loyal customers, in a series of Net Promoter Industry Reports released today by Satmetrix Systems, Inc. Satmetrix, the leading enterprise customer experience management (CEM) company and co-developer of the Net Promoter Score, conducted three separate studies looking at the Online Services, Computing and Consumer Services sectors of the high technology industry.

The results from these reports are indicative of each company’s commitment to maximizing customer experience and driving revenue growth through customer loyalty.

“The companies with the highest Net Promoter scores are well known for their market performance and brand leadership,” said Dr. Laura Brooks, vice president of research and business consulting at Satmetrix Systems, Inc., in the press release. “Apple, whose score far outranks its closest competitor, is well known for its passionate and dedicated customer base. Google’s high Net Promoter Score establishes it as a clear leader in the emerging market of online services, with corresponding strong performance in share price. Symantec, in the more highly competitive and established consumer software business, is beginning to differentiate itself, largely on the strong showing of its Norton suite of products.”

The Net Promoter Score, created by loyalty expert Fred Reichheld of Bain & Co. and Satmetrix, measures customer experience and profitable growth, using a simple and radical question: How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague? It allows companies to track promoters (customers who have a favorable view of doing business with the company and who will actively promote it) and detractors (customers who have a negative view and will tell colleagues, encouraging potential customers to take their business elsewhere) and produces the single most reliable indicator of a company’s ability to grow by measuring its performance in its customers’ eyes.

The research in the Net Promoter Industry Reports 2006, was conducted and validated by Satmetrix and reveals the Net Promoter Scores of the top companies in the following high-technology industries:

Net Promoter Industry Report 2006:
• Online Services –Google received the highest Net Promoter Score
• Computers –Apple received the highest Net Promoter Score
• Consumer Software –Symantec received the highest Net Promoter Score

“Dedication to customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of every aspect of our business, from product development to customer support as each positive customer experience leads to strengthened brand loyalty,” said Enrique Salem, group president, Consumer Products and Solutions, for Symantec, in the press release. “Symantec is extremely proud of Satmetrix’s findings that more than 60 percent of customers surveyed not only have a favorable view of doing business with Symantec but will actively promote us to their friends and colleagues.”

Apple, Google and Symantec’s customers also indicated that there are certain aspects of a business which have a large impact on their likelihood to recommend and that these drivers are consistent across the high-technology industry. These were also consistent with those companies with the lowest Net Promoter rating who scored low in all four areas. The areas of a company which customers identified as having a large impact on their likelihood to recommend it to a friend or colleague were:

• Overall product or service;
• Overall value (including the company’s fees and charges);
• Company reputation; and
• Customer service and support.

The results of the Net Promoter Industry Report 2006 are based on responses from customers regarding their experiences with their actual provider. An email invitation explains the purpose of the survey, offers an incentive to participating, and provides a link that allows individuals to click through to the Satmetrix survey site. All respondents are familiar with the products and services that are the subject of the survey, having purchased them as a personal consumer. Company names are standardized to capture accurate ratings for each company. The study was fielded during the first half of 2005.

The full reports can be purchased online:
Apple? Duh. Google? Okay. But, Symantec?! That’s not only perplexing, it’s extremely sad, yet telling. That the likes of Symantec received the highest score in the “Consumer Software” category only highlights the awful state of personal computing as defined by Microsoft with their insecure, counterintuitive, ugly Windows OS. Windows is a worldwide blight on computing.

You only live once: Get a Mac and you won’t even need software from Symantec!

Then you’ll be able to give software that actually helps you be more productive and/or to actually have fun with your personal computer higher survey scores instead of rewarding outfits like Symantec for leechware that only exists to vainly attempt to protect your Windows PC from it’s own woeful inadequacy.

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  1. WHAT??

    Symantec is rated amongs the highest in customer loyalty?

    On on my machine it isn’t.

    Google is ok, sure, but I can name a bunch more companies with higher customer loyalty.

    Like Lexis, or BMW, or a freshly baked Mrs. Fields Cookie.

    hmmmm hot fresh yummy cookies with oozings of chocolate goodness….. *drools*

  2. You only live once: Get a Mac and you won’t even need software from Symantec!


    It sells this SYMANTEC MALWARE (sue me I don’t care) right next to BRAND NEW MAC’s in Apple Stores.

    What is wrong with APPLE?

  3. Yes. We all bow to Supreme Leader Steve J.

    There is nothing that he cannot achieve. Even cancer cowers in his presence.

    We can achieve anything with Supreme Local Leader Steve J guiding us.

    Everybody rejoice. This is a glorious bleem.

    All your loyalty are belong to us.

    Everybody’s happy now . . . everybody’s happy now . . . everybody’s happy now . . .

  4. just like being addicted to heroin, people think they NEED Symantec and its fix for what should not be needed in the first place. Oh well let the addicts crash and burn…..I for one am clean and have been winBlows free for 1 year now, including work!

    I am not saying Symantec is completely bad, actually it is good biz for them to let Redmond contiue to mess up systems all over the world, they are just profitting from the misfortune of those poor souls who think they need m$uck.

    If using a mac means that then sure I can tip my hat to Steve and pray at the mac alter, since it has freed me.

  5. “There is nothing that he cannot achieve. Even cancer cowers in his presence.”

    Steve is truly the chuck norris of the tech world, delivering the technological equivalent of a roundhouse kick on a daily basis.

  6. What the fsck is the point of loyalty to a parasitic product like antivirus software???

    Microsoft has made the world of computing a very depressing place to be.

    Meanwhile back in the sunshine, Apple users are laughing their socks off.

  7. If you are, indeed, so damned superior to the “geniuses” at the local Apple Store, why not get a job there and show those B*stards what true intellect is!

    Why, you probably won’t even have to interview for the position: Your very presence among the brutish mortals there should speak for itself!

    (Gawd but I hate “holier than thou” blowhards.)

  8. Go easy now. Symantec has been around a long time, and its Norton brand has had a following since before there ever was a notable virus problem. Which is to say, back when they were known for diagnostic and maintenance software (which even Macs need now and again, although in the Mac universe I use DiskWarrior and TechTool Pro). Their AV software seems to be fairly good (I use it on my Dell, after getting fed up with McAfee). But still I’m surprised they’re in the top three.

  9. Cranky Bizarro…

    “Gawd but I hate “holier than thou” blowhards.”

    Isn’t this exactly what you are doing to Cranky? He was just posting a take on not being happy with the Genius bar, your responce was way over the top and could easily be considered “much holier than cranky’s holier than thou”!!

    ever heard the phrase “those who live in glass houses…”

  10. Symantec? I suppose Norton Utilities and Norton Antivirus are big deals in the PC-using world. If this survey was done only for Mac users, I wonder what company would have won the “Consumer Software” category?

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