RUMOR: Intel’s Woodcrest to power Apple’s next-gen high-performance Mac Pro desktops

“Apple Computer has selected dual-core Xeon server processors from Intel Corp. to power its next wave of high-performance professional Mac Pro desktops,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

Jade reports, “The 64-bit chips — formerly code-named “Woodcrest” and officially unveiled by Intel last month as the Xeon 5100 series — pack a 4MB L2 cache and run at speeds of up to 3.0GHz on a 1333MHz front-side bus.”

“Though the chips are almost architecturally identical to Intel’s upcoming line of Core 2 Duo Extreme desktop processor (code-named “Conroe”), they differ in that they’ll utilize the company’s new Land Grid Array (LGA) 771 socket and also allow for multiple processor configurations,” Jade reports.

“Apple plans to take advantage of Woodcrest’s multi-processor capabilities by offering versions of its upcoming Mac Pro professional desktops that will sport two of the dual core chips, people familiar with the Mac maker’s plans have said. The new systems, which will succeed the Power Mac G5 at the forefront of the company’s product matrix, will also be available in a single processor configuration for a substantially reduced cost, those people have since revealed,” Jade reports.

“Apple chief executive Steve Jobs is expected to showcase the new computers early next month as he demonstrates Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” — the company’s next-generation operating system — during the annual Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, Calif.,” Jade reports.

More in the full article here.

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  1. This makes sense, if the Core 2 Duo “Conroe” cannot be used on dual configurations. I’m sure Conroe will find it’s way into the next revision of iMac, and eventually Mac mini (assuming it’s less expensive than the laptop version of Core 2 Duo).

  2. Lordee, a 4 cpu’s running at 3 ghz with all of the modern optimizations will separate me from my money fast, assuming the price is not outrageous.

    And let’s hope Apple is aiming to really optimize leopard and iwork and ilife around 2 – 4 cores to push people to upgrade. (That goes for you too adobe…)

  3. Imagine 2xDual-core (quad) 3GHz 64bit, with 8Gb RAM, a terabyte of SATA HD and a 30″ Cinema Display, with Leopard and (maybe) dual-booting Vista, a TV tuner and PVR capability, Adobe creative suite (native), Aperture and Final Cut…


    Can I rob a bank now to afford my dream machine?

  4. There is a fever pitch a’risin’.

    Good times. Good… expensive times.

    MDN “taking” as in “It’s taking an awful lot of brain power to come up with something to say right now.”

  5. I love the sound of “configuration for a substantially reduced cost”. Now I won’t have to take out that morgage to get a new desktop. Hopefully the new enclosure is smaller too. Sign me up!

  6. Well, a little birdy told me these things are being unveiled next week. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> Apple wants to stay focused on Leopard at the developer’s conference this August.

  7. This is utter crap, where the heck is the major performance boost?

    I’m totally upset with Apple switching to crappy Intel processors, it’s not going to sell a lot of hardware, mark my words.

    Why spend more for Apple’s hardware when one can get the same performance in a cheaper Dell?

    Sure Mac OS X is a fine OS, and yes it helps move hardware.

    But what also moves hardware is processor performance, the big boys buy tons of hardware if they can get more performance for price.

    I just can’t see Apple settling for Intel processors in their pro lines.

  8. Ok this first issue new Mac Pro with dual cores is going to pale in comparison to the dual Quad core Kentsfield based processors Intel is releasing in January.

    So I would wait and not buy this first issue Mac Pro because it’s just Apple’s way of selling what we already have performance wise in the G5’s and making a killing doing so.

    Wait until the dual Quad core with BlueRay DVD’s arrive, that’s the machine to have.

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