Dvorak: Key to Apple success was simply Steve Jobs making hot looking products

While wondering if General Motors can learn something from Apple, John C. Dvorak writes, “Let’s look at what Steve Jobs did when he took over the reins of Apple. In essence it wasn’t much except add life and desirability in the form of modern industrial design to a flagging product line.”

“The key to the Apple success story under Jobs was simply Steve Jobs making the product — a computer, then an MP3 player — look appealing. It was a top-down demand,” Dvorak writes. “While not a designer by training he, like Steve Jobs, knows what he likes, and what he likes is hot looking.”

Full article here.
By now, we all know that Dvorak probably doesn’t really think that Apple is merely all about exterior product design. We all know that Dvorak probably is just discounting Apple’s advanced operating systems and elegant software offerings just to make some twisted point and maybe to grab a little extra traffic to his article.

We all know that Apple’s success also lies inside the elegant exteriors of their products. We all know that Apple’s success is due to obsessive attention to detail in every area, not just exterior design.

As Dvorak himself admits in the video clip below, it’s all part of a formula that now strangely seems to be in use in an article about GM. We guess that because Dvorak can no longer credibly write about Apple, he thinks he can credibly write about car companies. He’d be wrong: once an admitted troll, always an admitted troll.

The funny thing is, John, we don’t know the difference between when you’re writing what you believe and when you’re writing just to generate hits. Who’s laughing now? Why don’t you deconstruct for us how to recover your credibility once you’ve blown it for vanity’s sake, you Hawaiian-shirted weasel?

Video of Dvorak admitting to baiting Apple Mac users for hits:

Direct link to YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAWDYaWAVQQ

[UPDATE: 6:03pm EDT: Fixed awkward sentence (we think). Thanks, coolfactor.]

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  1. Sheesh.. Just ignore the schmuck.. He knows hes lost all credibility with the Mac community and now he’s trying to win it back.. He’s baiting us.. It’s a trap.

    JUST IGNORE HIM. Read his articles here if you must, but NEVER link to his site..

  2. Bob Jones,

    Dvorak would love that, wouldn’t he? He’d love for everyone to forget how he blew what credibility he had because he just had to prove how “smart” he was by baiting people.

    Bravo, MacDailyNews! NEVER EVER let up on him.

    Note to MarketWatch honchos: your credibility is suffering with that buffoon on the payroll. How long until you rectify this unfortunate situation. I want to be able to trust MarketWatch, not question their writers’ motives.

  3. For the love of Jobs,

    You are the one who doesn’t get it.

    NO one is calling MDN. We are thankful that MDN is posting his article here, that way we don’t have to link to Dvoraks site directly. MDN is causing Dvorak to lose a lot of hits by posting his articles directly on these MDN pages.

    READ IT HERE. Just don’t click the link for the full article.

  4. Hey MDN, get a clue. Dvorak knows that you pick up his articles. He’s counting on you to write something about the stupidity of his thoughts, which leads to a bunch of hits on his site.

    You want to muzzle the idiot? Take 6 months off and don’t report on his articles. If the entire Mac community avoided him for 6 months, he’d have to do actual research to get hits.

    Imagine that. A journalist that does research. I must be in Disneyland.

  5. If people above did not write the following, I apologize:

    “Why not just ignore Dvorak instead of giving him the hits?”
    “I, for one, think that articles citing this bald fool need not be posted anymore.”

    Otherwise, I don’t apologize and I still say some of you aren’t anywhere near smart enough to be Mac users.

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