UBS: stock options probe unlikely to hurt Apple

“Apple Computers’ announcement that an internal investigation has uncovered stock option grant irregularities — including one to chief executive officer Steve Jobs — isn’t likely to cause significant damage to the computer giant, according to a new report by UBS,” R.M. Schneiderman reports for Forbes.

“‘We believe potential financial damage [and] penalties from any options irregularities are likely to be limited and cash flow would not be impacted,’ said Benjamin Reitzes, an analyst for UBS and the author of the report,” Schneiderman reports. “UBS said that what happens with this story depends on how Jobs handles it.”

“‘While it is early in the investigative process, we believe that Jobs’ standing at Apple and with shareholders is on solid ground,’ said Reitzes. UBS added that the Securities and Exchange Commission will likely become involved in the case,” Schneiderman reports.

Full article here.

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  1. This is it, dow hit the $11200, the peak.

    Humans are overestimating the economy and companies way too much.

    Stocks can only decline from now on.

    and the prediction that stocks will re-rise during christmas, is just a guess.

    everytime humans attempt to predict the future and alter it, future is automatically adjusted so that it becomes unpredictable.

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  5. Think about it.. natural selection favors humans that are stupid.. as in.. stupid enough to not use a condom…

    which means stupid genes gets to reproduce and take over the planet, and the universe.

    smart people on the other hand, go extinct. all the time.

    That explains Mac’s low market share.

  6. Bill – STFU

    “Republicans: Teach a man to fish and you set him free.”

    Except that the Republicans have allowed the water to be polluted with toxic wastes from a huge corporations that won’t clean up the water because it cuts into the profits. But the republican turns a blind eye to natures problems caused by man because of his corporate payoffs.

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  7. Clinton, Bill, and Proud Black Man:

    I bow deeply to you all. Proud Black Man,

    I am a resident of Louisiana, and you are

    absolutely correct. It is a shame, with no

    change in sight. Mac market share hitting 50%

    is more likely than any change in the Democrat

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