Microsoft’s Office 2007 slips again

“Microsoft Corp. said Thursday it would delay the release of its Office business software suite, citing ‘product performance’ issues,” Allison Linn reports for The Associated Press.

“In a statement released by the company’s Waggener Edstrom public relations firm, Microsoft said it would now release the product to big business customers by the end of the year, instead of in October as planned,” Linn reports.

“Consumers and other business users are now scheduled to get the product in early 2007. Microsoft had previously said it would be broadly available in January, to coincide with the delayed release of Microsoft’s Windows Vista computer operating system,” Linn reports.

Full article here.

“It was not immediately clear how the Office delay would impact Microsoft’s Vista plans or a potential joint product launch. Many outsiders have already said they expect the Windows update to also be delayed beyond January, but Microsoft has yet to acknowledge a further delay,” Ina Fried reports for CNET News.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The amount of surprise cannot be understated.

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  1. Part of the article said…

    “Microsoft said earlier Thursday that it had nearly reached its self-imposed limit for testers of the current Windows Vista beta, with plans to stop allowing new downloads after Friday.”

    ok.. so let me understand this straight.

    Flip4Mac, with the 2.5 mac market share get’s all of the people it needs to beta test in a few short minutes after the link is posted online, and windows vista is up for days and days and can’t fultill it’s beta testing needs out of the millions of people using the windows platform?

  2. What about all those businesses who paid hefty license fees this year. As I read one license plan…once the business pays the annual fee they receive any new Microsoft software release. Those businesses in 2006 were expecting a new Windows and Office release–now they get nothing.

    M$’s new license scheme is such a money bucket for them. They muscle businesses to accept the new terms or else (insert veiled threat) while never promising that anything new will be delivered, just IF an upgrade happens to be released within the license year you will receive it.

    Seems that we would here more from irate IT managers demanding compensation.

  3. This way Vista can be out for a while end then Office comes out to join it. That’s the way to go about it.

    I don’t know what’s with giving the business customers the earliest buggy stuff, though, that’s the opposite of Microsoft’s normal smart strategies.

  4. I can’t wait till the BOOK comes out that details all the issues that have caused all the delays in Microsoft’s products…..

    But that book has been delayed again……damnit

  5. MSFT announces another delay to a widely-publicized product and their stock price goes up 0.24. *Shaw Wu*, a friggin’ analyst, speculates that an unannounced and unexpected iPod product *may be delayed* due to factors that only he seems to be picking up on telepathically, and AAPL stock dumps almost $2.00.

    Go figure. :-\

    MW Normal == That’s normal operation for Wall Street.

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