Apple releases iTunes 6.0.5 with Nike+iPod Sport Kit sync features

Apple today released iTunes 6.0.5.

iTunes 6.0.5 allows you to sync your Nike + iPod workout data to, where you can easily track your progress, set training goals, challenge others, and much more. Visit the Nike Sport Music area on the iTunes Music Store to download workout mixes, Athlete Inspiration playlists, Nike podcasts, and more.

Lance Armstrong and the Nike+iPod Sport Kit:

Direct link to video:

How Nike+iPod works video:

Direct link to video:

The Nike+iPod Sport Kit costs US$29 and contains:
• wireless sensor for Nike+ shoes
• Wireless receiver for iPod nano
• Printed documentation

More information about the Nike+iPod Sport Kit can be found here.

iTunes 6.0.5 is available via Software Update.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Macademianut” for the heads up.]

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  1. In all seriousness, hopefully this fixes the volume issue when synching your iPod while in full screen visualizer mode. Doing this turns the system volume down to about half its previous volume, but the volume slider doesn’t move. The only way to get it back to full volume is a reboot.

    G4 Cube 450 MHz. (Duh!)
    Tiger 10.4.6

  2. (Of course I realize I need to get a life . . . . . )

    It is my imagination, or does each new iTunes update change the behavior of the visualizer? ? ?
    Sure seems like it changes.

    MDN (Non word??) – hes

  3. There will definitely be an accessory like a band for your legs where you could put this tiny thing and still use it without having to buy the nike shoes. No wonder Apple charges you for this piece; and nike like any other company gave a nice idea to Apple and let Apple make the money.

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