Adobe releases InDesign CS2 4.0.3 update

Adobe today released InDesign CS2 4.0.3 update which provides key fixes in the areas of indexing, launch issues, transparency, shortcuts, text and fonts, scripting, inline graphics, InDesign Interchange (INX) files, German hyphenation, XML, library files, performance, QuickTime 7.x support, printing, SING glyphlets, EPS export, text import, and others. For a list of resolved issues, see the Adobe InDesign CS2 4.0.3 ReadMe file. This file will be located in the Adobe InDesign folder on your hard drive after you install the update.

More information and download link (41MB) here.

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  1. Glad they’re finally fixing the transparency issues… and the short cuts…. and the text & fonts problems.

    Jeez, Adobe seems to have forgotten what platform it earned a living off before Windows was around. Not as bad as QuarkXPress though…. yet!

  2. Oh Adobe slacked off for a long time for many years, just adding to the same old code base, losing all their best programers because there was nothing to attract or challenge them.

    Apple warned them long ago to switch to X-Code, but Adobe had this additude that Apple was destined for the scrap heap. They were too busy fattening themselves at the Windows buffet table.

    But now they being dragged kicking and screaming to the fat farm, where they will get a good workout. If they fail, we will use something else.

    I refused to upgrade to the CS series, nothing worth paying for but bloat.

  3. Good choice Static Mesh.

    <u>They are fixes to a flawed product.</u>
    These “updates”, if they even make the product work as planned, should have been there before CS2 was even released in the first place. Specifically abhorrent is the InDesign Interchange (INX) file rouse.

  4. Static Mesh:
    You “refused to upgrade to the CS series?” are you crazy? I don’t know a designer running it that considers it “bloated.” It is amazing. The 20 some designers I know rave about it and wouldn’t go back to Quark if it came with a bonus.

    MW was “based” Opinion based on fact.

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