The Economist: Apple’s Steve Jobs is Bill Gates’ secret ‘Chief Software Architect’ replacement wish

“The co-founder, chairman and ‘chief software architect’ of Microsoft, the world’s largest software company, would deny it on his life, but the one person Bill Gates admires most for his geeky prowess—and might have chosen to succeed him as software architect—is almost certainly Steve Jobs,” The Economist asserts.

“Unfortunately, Mr Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Computer and victim of Mr Gates’s predatory business instincts during the 1980s and 1990s, cannot be considered available, since he is busy leading Apple’s renaissance as a builder of gadgets and software that, in the opinion of his fans, put Microsoft to shame. So Mr Gates spent years courting the geek he admires second most, a software pioneer named Ray Ozzie,” The Economist reports.

Full article here.
Nearly every article about Gate’s departure uses the phrase, “the world’s largest software company.” Note that they never write “the world’s best software company,” for that would be Apple Computer, Inc.

Back in the early days, “We all bought Macs. Bill bought a Mac. Bill was using a Mac. Bill was using a Macintosh. Not a PC,” said venture capitalist Ann Winblad, Bill Gates’ old girlfriend, as quoted by Michael Gross in “My Generation” published by Cliff Street Books/HarperCollins. And it wasn’t just the Macintosh that Bill Gates admired. In the same book, Winblad recalled being present with him when Steve Jobs was speaking, and that Gates had confessed to her: “Some day I’ll be as good a public speaker as he is. How do I do that? I’m going to work on that.”

Gates never got anywhere close.

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  1. Gates is married, and is a generous man giving 1/3 of his earnings to charities.
    I hate Microsoft, why someone would choose a PC shipped with Microsfot is beyond me…but Gates isn’t that bad. He may have ruthlessly tooken over the software market, but at least he’s doing good with his money now.

  2. MDN: “Note that they never write “the world’s best software company,” for that would be Apple Computer, Inc.”

    LOL ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue rolleye” style=”border:0;” />

  3. That is an interesting article. A visionary thinker who is also a decent human being could, in time, do some very interesting things with billions and billions of dollars in resources. It will be very interesting to see what Microsoft is ten years from now. For now it is a sack of sh__ and it will not be easy cleaning up, much less transforming into something really good.

    Apple, on the other hand, is in one of its “golden ages.”

  4. I have 100 billion dollars… You realize I could spend 3 million dollars a day, every day, for the next 100 years? And that’s if I don’t make another dime. Tell you what – I’ll buy your right arm for a million dollars. I give you a million bucks, and I get to sever your arm right here. – Bill Gates, thief and despicable human being currently being lauded for handing out his stolen cash to charity. (source)

    640K ought to be enough for anybody. – Bill Gates, the so-called “visionary.” (source)

  5. Hey at least he is working on making better schools in the United States. Our schools are in trouble and need to be impoved upon. Now if Gates were to put Macs in the new schools that would be great.

  6. Steve Jobs’ wife is pretty hot. I’ve seen him with her and son at the Palo Alto Apple store. She’s a blond and looks great for her age, definite MILF material. (HIGH FIVES Steve Jobs)

    I haven’t seen melinda gates though.

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