Apple to launch 50 Cent-branded low-cost Macs?

“In rap years, Chris Lighty, 37, is something of an old-timer,” Lea Goldman reports for Forbes. “Lighty, founder of New York’s Violator Management & Records, is one of the industry’s most influential talent managers, guiding the careers of hip-hop headliners like Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott and, of course, Fifty Cent.”

Goldman reports, “He’s currently negotiating with Apple Computer Chief Steve Jobs over a Fifty-branded line of low-cost computers. ‘He is setting a new standard in the music business,’ says Lighty. ‘Let’s just say we get each other.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Would the Apple Mac mini 50 Cent Special Edition massacre the competition?

[UPDATE: 6/20, 10:01 am EDT: Fixed iTunes link on the word “massacre” in the MDN Take.]

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  1. I work at AppleCare and I tell you I DO NOT want to take support calls from the Boys in the Hood. I will quit first. They don’t even speak English! Let them talk to Indian support and they can butcher English together.

  2. This guy thinks he’s making some sort of business move. I don’t think he gets anything, but thinks Jobs wants to make money.

    If this happens, I would consider switching. Windows, doubtful. Linux, here I come.

  3. The 50 cent Mac is going to be nothing more than Apple handing out the address of someone who actually brought a Mac.

    Brilliant strategy. gets a Mac into the hands of someone who wouldn’t pay for it anyway, and the old owner buys a new one with the insurance money.

    Apple will double market share overnight!

  4. Actually it could help with the iTunes-iPod halo effect if you would have a music brand branded computer. Think of a U2 iPod with a matching computer.

    Also why not now have a Disney branded Mac Mini? or even the new eMacs that is Disney branded.

  5. this guy thinks what he try for business with Apple is smart, good. but ha has no idea how to handle. he also misunderstands as if he is really an important person. there is always limited ability for this kind of guy who didn’t have proper education or experience on real business, intelligent world. well, he can’t. he just buy laywer to talk, show off his money $67 millions. but he got nothing in his brain. so sad. this society is so weird how possibly ex convic can be successful, make tons of money with selling bad stuff, nothing respect. his movie was totally worse. I don’t know why he made it. he wanted us to feel something? I don’t think so. this is pathetic, shame to show such a rude, unrespected life to public. that’s why education is so important. I really hope that this rumors or news(?) is left as unrealistic.

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