Mac OS X Server expert Michael Bartosh dead at 28

Mac OS X Server expert Michael Bartosh died on Sunday in Tokyo, Japan. He was 28 years old. According to a post on the website AFP548, Bartosh fell from a balcony early on Sunday morning. Local police have ruled Bartosh’s death an accident.

Bartosh was a former Apple systems engineer and authored O’Reilly Media’s Mac OS X Tiger Server Administration and Mac OS X Panther Server Administration.

“He was considered by many to be without peer for his knowledge of Mac OS X Server and his willingness to share what he knew,” according to Macworld’s Peter Cohen.

Bartosh is survived by his wife, Amber.

Full article here.

John Martellaro has written a piece remembering Michael Bartosh for


  1. MDN Magic Word: “soon”, as in, “That is way too soon to die…”

    I just passed through Tokyo, will be back tomorrow for a few days. Some places in the world do not have the safety standards we are used to in America with stairs, balconies, etc.

    Hotel I am at right now in Thailand is incredibly dangerous – atrium open to the bottom with 13 floors; one could easily lean too far over the short wall and fall to the death… his family will be in prayers…

  2. Very sad… I have a cousin who fell off the balcony during a visit to singapore. It’s a miracle he survived. I guess these type of accidents are not considered freak.

  3. A litigious society, like there is in America, prevents these kind of accidents. It’s amazing what a fear of lawsuits will do for safety standards.

    See, there are some benefits from a legal system gone wild.

  4. SOME is the imperative word…

    Just reading about a local Dr. who is basically trying to ruin the careers of two other Dr.s in the area – for no other reason than control.

    I digress – sorry…

    It is very sad when people die young.

    May he rest in peace.

  5. Mike was the man, without him there would not be the great OS X server reference books, He basically wrote the Apple certification materials. He knew his shit like no one else and will be missed terribly in the Mac community. A very sad day indeed…

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