Video: Dvorak admits to baiting Apple Mac users for hits

“I was talking with [John] Dvorak at the Vloggercon party this evening, and he started telling a story about how he deliberately pisses Mac users off to get flow for his stories, and I said, hold a minute, I want to record this, and shit if he didn’t stop and repeat it for me and my video camera,” Dave Winer reports for Scripting News.

Winer has posted a massive 20.8MB QuickTime movie of the tech blowhard’s admission here.

In case the link doesn’t work or is too slow, the video is also on YouTube:

Direct link to YouTube video:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “S. Woods” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Not that we needed it (John dumped his last ounce of credibility down the drain years ago), but now we have definitive proof that Dvorak is the world’s largest Hawaiian shirt-wearing weasel. This is Dvorak’s “Paris Hilton moment.” Mercifully, he remains fully clothed throughout. This is a video which we can and will use as reference for Dvorak’s shams ad infinitum. Good move, John. You’re such a genius! Planning to retire soon?

[UPDATE: 12:20pm EDT: Fixed punctuation error. Thanks, dennis.]

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  1. And who didn’t know this?

    The most recent TWIT episode Dvorak starts talking about how Canon Camera is halting production of all consumer level digital cameras. It took a few minutes for someone to correct him that Canon is only halting production of Canon film cameras.

    He just makes things up, puts 2 and 1 together to get 4, and spouts it out.

    I wish TWIT would ditch him.

  2. I’ve never given this troll a single hit. I was on to his antics even when he was on ZDTV back in the day.

    Avoid this moron.

    The sad thing is he actually has some interesting observations, but this admission has all but destroyed any cred this guy had left.

  3. I’ve said that 1000 times yet everytime someone says something stupid, people from this website flock to their site and make them look important. Like freaking lemmings you all do it, over and over again, and you know who you are…

    “I just went to his site and left him a message and told him how freaking stupid he is…”

    blah blah blah…

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