Video goggles turn Apple iPod into 27-inch ‘see-through’ TV

“When Apple Computer Inc. launched its video-capable iPod last year, some questioned whether consumers would embrace watching video on a 2.5-inch screen or endure holding the gadget to their faces for anything but the shortest of clips,” Ryan Nakashima reports for The Associated Press. “Now, with funky eyewear from MicroOptical Corp., iPod users can watch video on what looks like a 27-inch screen TV while, theoretically, maintaining some of the portability for which the iPod is famous as a music player.”

Nakashima reports, “‘The beauty of our technology is the see-through, see-around,’ Bruce Lampert, MicroOptical’s vice president of sales, said at the CTIA Wireless 2006 convention in April. ‘I can see through here. I’m walking. I’m not running into anything.’ So, I decided to try it out myself. After settling back to watch ‘The Apprentice,’ which I purchased from Apple’s iTunes Music Store, I was surprised to find that I felt comfortable enough to get up and walk about. Pretty soon I was ironing a shirt and washing dishes while watching apprentice wannabe Michael make mistake after mistake before getting booted from the show with Donald Trump’s famous finger-pointing phrase: ‘You’re fired.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Okay, that’s quite enough rain, thanks. At least the power is back on again…

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  1. “I swear, officer . . . I was just driving down the highway at the 55mph speed limit while only listening to my iPod and out of nowhere this truck just kinda, ya know, it just kinda . . . appeared. And then it hit me! Can you believe it? Those trucks are a hazard! And I had my eyes on the iPo- , on the road the whole time, I swear. Honest.”

  2. This is not a new concept folks. I did thesis research on a similar kind of product 13 years ago. The thing is, it is a neat idea, however for technology and products that have been around that long the question begs, why hasnt’ this sort of thing caught on yet.

    The answer may lie in one or both reasons that either there is no real market for this, or there are physiological concerns about using this sort of product that keep your brain focused on multiple points simultaneously. I think even Sony was working on a project like this a few years ago for their game division, and found there were issues with spatial relationships and dizziness from prolonged use of such devices.

    Will be interesting to see if it catches on this time around.

  3. macromancer…

    You are a master of the obvious. It’s well known that breakthrough technologies take YEARS to come to market. Problems with manufacturing, costs, market acceptance, APPLICATIONS (read, iPod) and other things make a technology just a technology.

    That is, until someone is brilliant enough to find a market where the technology will actually be demanded. These guys at MicroOptical seem to have the same spunk that characterized Apple in the late 70’s.

    Hope thy do well!!

  4. Well, Mad, thanks for the ‘compliment’ but the guys that were doing this in the early 90’s seemed to have quite a handle on that as well, but my point which you obviously missed is there may be issues with this sort of device that no marketing will solve. I mean, this isnt cold fusion, it’s a video screen and more than likely 15 years or more in the making.

    I was just making a point that there may be more than marketing preventing this from being a success, and if you look at my post you’ll notice i wasnt bashing anyone.

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