Washington Times: Apple 17-inch MacBook Pro the ‘who’s-your-daddy’ of notebooks

“Apple Computer’s 17-inch MacBook Pro is the ‘who’s-your-daddy’ version of notebook computing, a digital Cadillac Escalade running the industry’s coolest operating system,” Mark Kellner writes for The Washington Times. “At the heart of the computer is a 2.16-gigahertz Intel Core Duo processor, the fastest that Apple has for a portable right now. Indeed, this new MacBook refreshes and replaces the earlier top-of-the-line PowerBook, retaining the sleek lines and backlit keyboard of the former model, while adding a built-in ISight video camera and microphone.”

“Speed has not seemed an issue with this machine; it’s much faster than the older PowerBook that sits on my office desk. The combination of the Intel processor, that huge amount of RAM and a faster 7200-RPM hard disk all contribute to the fleet performance of this machine. Although some purists may note a speed difference when the “Rosetta” feature of the Mac OS X “translates” non-Intel-written applications from their Power PC-based code, I’ve yet to see it,” Kellner writes. “Overall, the MacBook Pro’s top dog can certainly ‘hunt’ when it comes to performance.”

“That said — and with its basic features essentially equal to the other MacBook I’ve tested, save for the faster Intel processor — the question arises as to why one would want this computer. My answer, frankly, is that this isn’t for everyone, and perhaps it shouldn’t be,” Kellner writes. “Most of us buying Mac notebooks — or any notebooks, for that matter — are looking for computers that are relatively easy to take with us on the road, something we can throw into a bag and run with, if running is required. For those needs, the 13-inch MacBook (no “Pro”), recently introduced but not yet reviewed here, might well be an option. For “professional” users who want more graphics power, the 15-inch MacBook Pro should do nicely, and will be easier to tote… Yet there is a group of people who will need, or appreciate, or just want, the raw power, size and features of this highly versatile computer. For them, it won’t be a question of what the large MacBook Pro costs, but rather, of what it’s worth.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve heard audible gasps result from unveiling of an Apple 17-inch MacBook Pro in public places. Regardless of the location, be it the corner coffee shop or at 30,000 feet, it’s like a brand new silver H1 Alpha pulling up in a parking lot full of Geo Trackers. All other laptops in the general vicinity will skip a processor cycle while their owners try not to stare (or hide). 17″ MBP owners, wield your geek power responsibly and try not to lord over everyone – even though you do.

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  1. “skip a processor cycle” priceless.

    Still wish that the damn macbook did not have integrated graphics. Couldn’t it at least be an option???? Please??? With a cherry on top???


  2. The Intel GMA950 Integrated Graphics chipset is better than most people think.

    Google it and find out – it’s not a drawback for the MacBook.

    Back on topic note: the 17-inch MacBook Pro contains an ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics processor with 256MB of GDDR3 and dual link DVI support.

  3. Yeah, the graphics on the 13″ MacBook are quite good, especially in 2d stuff like video and core image – feels much faster than my PowerBook (!). I know two friends who just got MacBooks and I’m impressed.

    The MacBook Pro, obviousely, is way better yet…

  4. “We can state flatly that if you buy a system using Intel’s GMA950 integrated graphics and want to play 3D games, invest at least $60 in an add-on card. If what you want is simply a system that can run standard office software, plus maybe play some DVD movies, then Intel’s new graphics core is probably suitable.

    You might wonder what the point is of putting all the engineering effort into the 3D core, if it sucks so badly at games? The answer is pretty simple:


    Intel’s new GMCH will probably run Longhorn’s upper tier Aero Glass interface pretty well.”

    This is the reason for the integrated graphics. Apple just has to deal with what it’s given.

    As a student, I know I don’t want to spend a fortune to get the pro laptops, but I also want to be able to play a game now and again. I would have paid 100 more dollars to get a decent dedicated card with the macbook so if I wanted to play a game, I could.

    Oh well. Such is life.

  5. @Foompf: The MacBook ought to be for me. It’s a $1,100 notebook. It should play somewhat recent games decently. I shouldn’t have to spend $2,000+ to play games on a Mac portable… especially when Apple could have purchased a humble GPU like the Radeon 9600 for about $0.50 and added it to the MacBook.

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