Why I’m more productive on a Mac

“There is a reason why I’m always that guy using one of the few Macs stranded away from the sea of PCs in the library. It’s not because Apple’s OS X is superior to Windows in terms of stability and speed, but more along the lines that OS X lets me be extremely productive with several key features. I am adept in utilizing each system to its potential, having used both for years on end. Macs just let me do more,” Paul Stamatiou blogs for his eponymous blog. “Here’s why.”

Why Stamatiou is more productive on a Mac:
• Exposé
• Dashboard
• Spotlight
• QuickSilver

Full article – in which the four bullet points above are explained – here.

MacDailyNews Take: So, what makes you more productive on a Mac than you are on that Windows box that force on you at work?

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  1. “It’s not because Apple’s OS X is superior to Windows in terms of stability and speed, but more along the lines that OS X lets me be extremely productive with several key features.”

    Talk about understating the obvious. It’s just because OS X is stable and fast that lets you be productive in all aspects of computing.

    Or am I being obtuse?

  2. What about the changes in Vista?
    Vista will make Windows more like OS X ( sad but true) and that will be enough to keep people from migrating to Apple…that and the cost of repurchasing applications for another platform.

  3. Launchbar and Default folder in combination with Tigers built in features make for by far the most productive work invironment avaialbe on any platform. I own a large format quickprint shop, we handle dozens of projects a day and keep all client files archived on line for 24 months before removing them from our workstations. So effeciency in my world will make or break you, and nothing comes close to these systems runing DF and LB. IMHO of course. =)

    Not to rant, but this is a big deal to me… but I can que up a dozen or more open apps on my dual G5, Web design, 2D, Ilife, all at the same time, and the machine never stops humming along. I cant even open Illustrator, Photohop and indesign on my XP boxes without all hell breaking loose. This just doesnt seem right. Long live OSX!

  4. CC: Ummmmmm they don’t have to purchase new programs right away…. BootCamp or Parallel’s! Slow migrations ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  5. CC, exactly the sort of thing Boot Camp was made for. In the end some won’t switch no matter what you say — I can point to many people I work with who are afraid of new technology, even when it has been demonstrated as better, faster, easier, etc. (And I’m talking about only computers here.) Then there are those tech-heads who actually know Windows and understand its faults, yet prefer it anyway. If we can win over a few Ellen Feisses at a time, all the better.

  6. Why am I more productive? For me, the OS provides a stable, speedy, intuitive foundation on which world-class apps are built.

    1. My uptime is much higher on a Mac, by a factor of at least three. Less maintenance time means more productivity, hands down.

    2. The OS and the apps don’t fight each other. They work together, which means that I don’t have to maintain twenty sets of internal data sets that overlap rarely. There’s less I have to remember so I can focus on doing what needs to be done.

    3. My computing experience is not interrupted by steal-the-entire-CPU events common with Norton A/V.

    There are many more reasons, but these are three most salient.

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