Microsoft: No iPod killer planned

“Microsoft reps have denied recent rumors alleging that it has partnered with a number of Japanese consumer electronics companies to develop a device to compete in Japan with Apple’s iPod,” Bary Alyssa Johnson reports for PC Magazine. “‘The announcement that came out of Japan this week was simply about the Japanese launch of Windows Media Player 11,’ said a Microsoft representative who asked not to be named. ‘Due to translation issues the announcement was misconstrued to sound like Microsoft was developing a rival to the iPod; that’s just not the case.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Has Microsoft finally figured out that there’s no reason to throw good money after bad?

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  1. Waiting for Nintendo Wii,
    Well I didn’t say I’d buy one but it’s the only way I can see them coming out with something that could even be considered competition – everything done in-house (hardware & software) and by a team which are seemingly capable of delivering something.

    I too am waiting for the wii – if the wii didn’t exist I wouldn’t even get a console at all. That said, if I was to get any other console I’d probably more realistically look at the xbox 360 over the ps3. If the xbox 360 was made by another company then I’d consider it quite seriously.

  2. what you guys are missing is what MS is really copying.

    They are copying His Steveness’ manner of handling the media – denial.

    So they have retained their stance on copying, just not in the manner you were thinking.

    Can’t wait for the iCopy!!

    75% market share clearly screams “We’re unhappy with iPod + iTunes – give us something crappy! Anyone with half a brain can see that.

  3. Solar flare said:
    “Could be M$ trying to bluff Apple into thinking that they are not making an ipod killer.

    I personally think they are..”

    Wether they are or are not, there are too many cooks . . . AND the biggie: there way too late to market. Development would take them years. M$ does not play nice with most partners.

  4. MicroSoft can come out with a FAR better product that the iPod, they just can’t do it until they get their **** together and finish Vista.

    Vista will allow a much better music player than the iPod. Mark my words, MS has dotted every i with Vista, and that means digital music and video will rock. OK, so they’re late with Vista–but better bug-free and late than on time with bugs and holes. Anyone remember what Tiger was like when it first came out? That’s what “on time” does to an OS release.

    I seriously can’t wait for Vista (I know I have to, gloat about Leapard it gives you wood). But what I seriously can’t wait for is MicroSoft’s own music player that will be closely tied to Vista next year if I’m correct in my guessing.

    MS wins – they sell copies of Vista to people who don’t need it otherwise. (But who WILL have a lot of fun with the new search etc. once they own it.)

    PC users win – they get an awsome music player. Guess what? It might not work well on Macs–that’s the breaks, you chose the little guy but the big guy has the power. Using Windows means siding with the winner, let’s face it. And there’s a word for people who side with the little guy: losers.

    I’m ready for the liberal knee-jerk “MS always wants to sell you something” now. If Apple wants to throw in iLife (photos and music? snore) for free then that’s their funeral. We live in a capitalist society, and that means “freedom,” not “free stuff.” Big companies are evil because they make as much profit as they can? OK, but you’d do the same. Or there’s always Russia, I hear the food is great.

    Oh, and since when did Apple give anything for free anyway? Everything unfair MicroSoft has done, Apple has done twice I’ll bet you.

    Good thing this site has MicoSoft news or there would be nothing exciting here at all.

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