Analyst: Best Buy may ‘rapidly’ expand Mac pilot program

“Best Buy is prepared to expand a new Mac pilot program to additional retail stores if the concept proves to be successful, one Wall Street analyst says. The nations No. 1 consumer electronics chain last week began evaluating a new planogram layout that prominently displays Apple’s Mac line in a designated area of its personal computer department,” Prince McLean reports for AppleInsider.

“For the time being, the retailer is testing the program at just seven Best Buy locations in the Southern California region. Some 900+ remaining Best Buy outlets traditionally stock only Apple’s iPod digital music players, and to a lesser extent, Mac mini desktop computers,” McLean reports. “However, Best Buy has indicated that it is prepared to scale the Mac pilot program ‘rapidly’ if it proves to be a hit, according to Steve Lidberg and David Niederman, two analysts with Pacific Crest Securities.”

Full article here.

Apple Macs in Best Buy photos via CNET here.

MacDailyNews Take: Excellent. If some miracle happens with the Best Buy test stores, we look forward to 900+ locations where pimply-faced blue shirts can tell customers that “Apples are incompatible,” “too expensive,” “can’t run the internet” and “don’t have antivirus software” instead of just seven stores in SoCal.

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  1. BB Employee, “See, there’s no Blue ‘e’ on this weird Apple, so it obviously can’t surf the web. Nobody buys these things. Now, let’s get back into the Gateway aisle where we belong.”

  2. My response to the article is, “Yeah right…”

    My response to MDN’s take, Nail has been hit on head.

    My response to “Dennis”, And the Gateway isle is excatly where the BB employee and that costumer belong.

  3. MDN you have nailed it yet again!

    While it is great to see Apple have a well branded and product stocked area in Best Buy, the problem is Best Buy employees, not Apple products being in the stores…

    Before Apple has any more dealings with Best Buy, Steve-O has got to contratually squash BB into having each store provide an employee that is capable of answering Apple-based questions, and is just as pro-Mac as anything else.

    Oh I’m sorry, was I dreaming again!?

  4. How much would it cost Apple to place an Apple Specialist in every Best buy store that expands its Mac section like this? As they do in CompUSA’s.

    I know there are a lot of Best Buy stores, but would it be worth it? After all, there’re a lot more Best Buy’s than Apple stores out there. And then at least the consumer would get accurate Mac product information while in Best Buy. Finally.

    Might be worth the expense to Apple during these “expand market share” years.

  5. I spotted Mac minis in a Fort Worth Texas Best Buy last year. The one unit was right at the end of the isle (not on the end display, just at the end) but had a lame 3rd party monitor and keyboard hooked up so you kinda had to know the mini wasn’t some external DVD burner.

    Equally lame was that I asked for Mac software and they said they didn’t have any. “Not even MS Office?” “Nope”.

  6. “Equally lame was that I asked for Mac software and they said they didn’t have any. “Not even MS Office?” “Nope”.”

    To be fair, the salesperson may have misunderstood the question to read: “Does Best Buy sell Mac software”, rather than “is software for the Mac is available in general”. If the salesperson understood the question with the former meaning the blue shirt is correct, BB doesn’t sell any Mac software.

  7. Maybe, just maybe, they will train their staff about the myths surrounding Macs – perhaps Apple pointed this out to them in their negotiations.

    It would be SWEET to have best buys selling Macs properly.

  8. How many times do we need to see this happen.
    Go to Best Buy and the iPods are frozen or nothing is loaded on them.
    The Mac computers are frozen because someone put every thing in the trash. The Apples at CompUSA are a mess and it won’t be any different at best Buy…Thank god for Apple stores.

  9. Apple should pay kids min wage to go into Best Buys and test the people who work there. Have them reprimand and correct all their bullshit. They could hit 4 best buys a day. Do it randomly.

  10. I haven’t purchased ANYTHING from BB in years. They have the worst buying experience of any box store. Simply awful. I remember when they sold Macs years ago and it was a terrible experience for someone interested in the Mac. I think this would do a lot to damage Apple and the Mac’s reputation.

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