Apple: ‘Get a Mac. Say ‘Buh-Bye’ to viruses’

From Apple eNews, June 1, 2006:

It’s really sad that so many people have to be wary about opening email, visiting websites, chatting with presumed “buddies,” or downloading music, photos, movies or other files over the Internet.

No one should have to zealously guard their computers against spyware, viruses, trojan horses, or various other types of malware. Or run a bewildering assortment of (quickly obsolete) virus-protection apps. And no one should have to run a computer to a nearby computer store, so it can be “cleaned” on a routine basis.

Do you know why people put up with that? If their cars didn’t drive where they wanted to go; their TVs didn’t play what they wanted to watch; or their phones didn’t connect to the party they called, how long would they keep using them?

Apple provides more info online about Mac’s lack of viruses here.

By the end of 2005, there were 114,000 known viruses for PCs. In March 2006 alone, there were 850 new threats detected against Windows. Zero for Mac. While no computer connected to the Internet will ever be 100% immune from attack, Mac OS X has helped the Mac keep its clean bill of health with a superior UNIX foundation and security features that go above and beyond the norm for PCs. When you get a Mac, only your enthusiasm is contagious. – Apple’s “114,000 viruses? Not on a Mac.” webpage.

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  1. the thing is – the average user is told day in day out that all sorts of things from windows to internet access are ‘safe or secure’ so why would they believe anouther company saying it. there used to being let-down.

  2. Stupid, Apple.

    A lot of hackers have never HEARD of a Mac or how secure their design is. But now, if they are on Apple’s mailing list, they will get taunts like these. They would just love the challenge of breaking a secure design instead of the leaky bucket of Windows.

    I know Apple doesn’t want to bow down to fear and hackers, but seriously, is selling more Macs worth the risk of appearing on hackers’ radar?

    BTW, I know Macs are more secure by design. I’m not afraid of any big problems like Windows has. But if we can avoid even SMALL occasional problems, all the better.

  3. I’ve had people look at me with bewilderment whenever I tell them that my Mac is virus free and will continue to be virus free without any sort of anti-virus program loaded on to it.

    It’s like reliving Plato’s (or Socrates) Allegory of the Cave all over again….

  4. I tell Windows using friends that I don’t use virus protection, never have adware or spyware/virus worries and they Do Not Believe me. Honestly, people are just brainwashed to think this is the way things are and they’re prepared to live with it.
    Ophah, Good Morning America and Regis and Kelly need to get the word out to the public.
    So sad, but sooo true.

  5. It burns!!!!: A lot of hackers have never HEARD of a Mac or how secure their design is.

    Really? You don’t actually believe this, do you?

    Do you really believe that this was a “stupid” move by Apple — that by saying this they’re going to draw a lot more attention (and hacking attempts) from hackers?

    MW: “want”

    As in “I want PC users everywhere to see this.”

  6. It burns – please note that “security through obscurity” is not the reason that Macs are safe and virus free. It’s the design. I don’t think that there is a hacker in the world that “never heard of Macs”. I have no doubt that there are hackers out there that have never tried to hack a Mac, or create a Mac virus. Yeah, maybe more will start. But that doesn’t mean they’ll succeed.

    I agree that this is a great move for Apple, but as mentioned above, they really need to get this into print, onto TV, onto radio, in tattoos, billboards, cereal boxes, newspapers, comics, and anything else that people will read.

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