Dell offers Mac OS driver downloads?

Engadget has posted a graphic this morning of “Mac OS” appearing as a choice in the drop-down box on Dell’s driver downloads site.

“Well, isn’t that unusual? Dell offering OS X driver downloads on their site? Hmm. We know you want it, Mike, but somehow we don’t think your company has Jobs in your pocket quite yet. Give it some time though, we’re sure he’s bound to come around now that he’s in the PC business, himself,” Ryan Block writes for Engadget.

According to Block, the drivers listed on Dell’s site don’t actually appear to be files for use in “Mac OS.” I just appears to be a strange error on Dell’s part.

Full article with graphic here.
[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Islandgirl” for the heads up.]

[UPDATE: 9:24am EDT: “Dell currently offers OS X drivers for their printers, and in all likelyhood they have simply made a mistake while making site adjustments,” sHARD reports for OSx85 Project.]

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  1. Everyone keeps saying that the Mac option on the dell site is for printer driver but if you look closer you will see the mac option is listed for individual computer systems. Why would dell put the mac OS option on their desktop and laptop systems? What is going on that we are not aware of? Many say that Apple will not let others put the Mac OS on their systems but is this an indication of things to come? Apple was never supposed to switch to X86 and we know how that turned out. Not saying Dell is going to put OSX on their systems but it does make one wonder.

  2. Don’t read too much into this, it’s probably just the hardware drivers so Windows will run on the Intel Mac’s.

    Micheal Dell only wanted Mac OS X for his generic PC’s as a leveraging chip against Microsoft, he could care less about Mac OS X market share increasing. We all know he wants to see Apple dead. They are a major compeitior just like HP is.

    Dell is over their “peak”, their name is worn out in the industry and they are on the gradual slope down. Micheal Dell knows this and like HP did, is trying to hitch on the rising star of Apple to prevent them from coming the next major Mac/PC vendor in the industry.

    It’s obvious Apple has it’s sights on taking Dell out and that Micheal is offering little trojan horses hoping one will take.

  3. It’s gonna happen, probably on June 6th just like it did last year with Intel, this year it’ll be the same day as the Omen!(06/06/06) Apple is working with Dell to sell computers and strip Apple bare!
    ARRRGH! …. or maybe it was wishful programming that got uploaded by accident and cost some his job.

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