Apple releases iWeb 1.1.1 Update

Apple today released iWeb 1.1.1 which refines comment and search support for blogs and podcasts published to .Mac. It also resolves a some issues related to publishing sites to .Mac.

iWeb is the easy way to share your photos, movies, audio and playlists on the Internet via web pages, online photo albums, blogs, and podcasts. Apple-designed templates let you create websites in minutes, and the iLife Media Browser makes adding your media as simple as drag and drop. Users can even select items from within the other iLife applications and send it directly to iWeb. With a single click, iWeb encodes your pages, updates your RSS feeds, adds any required passwords, announces your site to friends and family, and publishes everything directly to .Mac.

iWeb 1.1.1 Updater will update your iWeb version 1.0, 1.0.1, or 1.1 if it is in your Applications folder and you have not changed its name.

iWeb 1.1.1 is available via Software Update and also as a standalone installer.

More info and download link (88.8MB) here.

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  1. 95.2 MB is an update? or a total rewrite?

    Found a use for iWeb today! Beyond creating glorious graphics and excellent fancy-font-text extracts for real web sites built with <u>Rapidweaver</u>, that is. My wife’s ex-husband – a PC user – was looking for a way to put together a couple hundred pictures of about a hundred relatives spanning four generations. Powerpoint wasn’t going to do it for him. He wanted a bunch of JPEG tweaking and a non-linear delivery plus greater flexibility with positioning and titling. I tried to work something up in iPhoto but couldn’t get what he wanted. Then I looked at iWeb and found something that might work … and the ‘proof of concept’ looked fine on his PC. A little image tweaking in <u>Image Tricks</u> sold it.

    Going to have to build it as half a dozen sites – one for each of his siblings and one for him – then knit them together under a single ‘home page’. Not difficult with Rapidweaver but ya gotta get your hands deep in the spaghetti code to do it with iWeb. The large page sizes won’t matter because it will be loading from the hard drive.

  2. Tom:

    You might not care but my parents sure love to see what we’re up to. We keep our site updated with the latest photos, movies and my son’s Lego creations. When you are thousands of miles away from your family, the net is a pretty good place to share your blogs or website or podcast with the people you care about. Try it… It’s fun!
    iWeb is just perfect for it.
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  3. I totally revamped my site,, using iWeb. My friends, HTML geeks, had no idea how to layer images on a web page. Their life is so 2 dimensional. Yea, they could construct it all in Photoshop, but heaven help them if a small change needs to be made.

    Does the notebook background look familiar? It came from Keynote, and turned 90 degrees counter-clockwise. The power of iWeb grows exponentially when you use it in conjunction with the other iLife aps and with iWork.

    For a “version 1.1” of an application, iWeb is typical Apple: very easy and very powerful.

  4. Mike: Interesting site. I like the tabs. The artwork seems a bit contrived. No offense. I suppose I need to put up or shut up now! My artwork is as bizarre as my prose and humor. Oh well, to each make it your own? Nice presentation.

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