JupiterResearch analyst: Apple Store Fifth Avenue ‘a stunning sight, puts a strong stamp on NYC’

Patti Freeman Evans, Senior Analyst for JupiterResearch, commandeers an entry in Michael Gartenberg’s blog to write about Apple’s new Fifth Avenue Retail Store:

In offline retailing where location is still king, Apple has picked a ripe spot. Their new store at 59th Street and 5th Avenue puts a strong stamp on both NYC retail as well as NYC architecture. They’ve created a glass cube in the middle of the plaza where a giant apple appears to hang in mid air. A stunning sight. The selling space is actually below ground and when I walked down the floating glass staircase I felt I should be wearing a flowing evening gown and tiara; I could virtually hear the sweeping epic music playing in the background. And every customer can feel as though they are making a grand entrance in to the downstairs space. The store space is spare but open in design so the customer can see the full product assortment and service areas in one broad view; an achievement for a retail space. They’ve devoted the same amount of floor space to the speedily selling iPod line as they have to their selection of computers. Seems like the iPod continues to drive much of Apple’s overall selling strategy. And, egad, the store will be open 24 hours a day. They have a staff of 300 (I wonder who gets the 2am to 8am shift?), with 96 people staffing the genius bar. I didn’t know there there that many geniuses around, but the focus on service is admirable and a great brand strategy compared to their competitors. All in all, it is a beautiful store that is in keeping with the innovative design effort Apple puts into it’s products. But, I wonder, with the Apple store and FAO Schwartz on the same block, will the lines of customers at the holidays reach all the way to Rockefeller Center or Grand Central?

Full article with comments from Gartenberg here.

MacDailyNews Note: The Apple.com homepage now features an Apple Store Fifth Avenue Grand Opening motif.

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  1. “But, I wonder, with the Apple store and FAO Schwartz on the same block, will the lines of customers at the holidays reach all the way to Rockefeller Center or Grand Central?”

    …Try reaching all the way to the Battery, biotch! I’m talkin’ filled to the brim subway systems…hell, even nearby Central Park may turn into temporary housing like it did during the Great Depression. (I pick “Strawberry Fields” for its proximity to both the Apple store and the Dakotas).

  2. Awww… MDN, you left out the best quote from the article,

    “Personally, I wonder how long it will for ‘Apple Building’ to replace ‘GM building’ as part of the vernacular.”

    It already has in my book…

  3. It’s absolutely STUNNING!

    Apple is grabbing considerable exposure with their artsy store designs.

    I bet that cube was cheaper than the currently running TV advertisements and a heck of a lot more cost effective.

    give a man a fish and he’ll beg forever, teach a man how to fish and he’ll feed the world

  4. Same here. I am now in Chicago and though I have never gone to see the opening of an apple store (used to live down the block from the one in Soho) I REALLLLLLY want to see this store.

  5. Microsoft has a campus in Redmond. Dell has a factory in Texas. Apple has a cube in NYC.

    Now which of these sites would you go out of yoru way to see?

    This store is going to cause Apple mind share and market share to explode. You can’t help but want to go inside, and that’s where they get ya.

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