Apple posts time-lapse movies of Apple Store Fifth Avenue crowds

Apple has begun posting time lapse movies of crowds of people waiting to enter the exterior of Apple Store Fifth Avenue which began its grand opening celebration at 6pm EDT.

Apple Store Fifth Avenue will stay open 24/365. To celebrate their amazing new store, Apple is giving away a new MacBook every hour for 24 hours straight (a href=”” target=”_blank”>official rules). And the first 2,500 customers receive a commemorative T-shirt.

The Apple Store, Fifth Avenue is located at 767 Fifth Avenue at 59th Street.

More info and the time lapse movies here:

Apple has also posted a photo gallery of the store here.

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  1. Hello Kitty,

    You don’t get it. It’s not the store, it’s the community. Many of the die hards know each other – each opening is like a mini Macworld for them. They hang out and talk tech all night and day – it’s nerd tailgating and it’s fun. It makes them happy and it sure isn’t hurting anyone – more power to them!

  2. Apparently EIGHT headlines about another Apple store isn’t enough.

    Maybe for the 9th we can get interviews with the sanitation workers, or live video of the gutter?

  3. Yawn,

    Dopes like you don’t seem to understand that this store is Apple’s new epicenter. It is the new face of the company. NYC is the media capital of the world – this Apple store will elevate Apple in the media even more. Watch and learn.

  4. Yawn,

    MDN didn’t change Apple’s website, Apple did. MDN is just dutifully reporting what is a very big story for Apple – whether you realize how big it is or not. Note the attention Apple is devoting. Jobs doesn’t fly cross-country for a goof.

    MDN’s headlines are pretty descriptive – if they cause you to yawn, just don’t click them and certainly don’t bother commenting.

  5. One more thing®, Hello Kitty and Yawn why don’t you both sell your iPods and go back to playing with your peecee’s in the basement?

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