Apple MacBook dissection photos

A Japanese website has executed a nice dissection of Apple’s new MacBook. The captions are in Japanese, but “tunogkalye” has provided a translation of each photo over on the forums. Using your browser tabs or arranging two browser windows you can use the English translations below and see the corresponding photos along with them. Japanese readers need only the address for the photos, of course:

Translation (numbers correspond to the order of photos):

1. Although one week late [according to rumor sites], this 17th day, Apple Store at Ginza appeared with full lines of customers.
2. It’s a nice feeling after the box was opened, the protecting pads were cleverly designed.
3. The design is almost the same as the previous iBook series by just looking at it although it is slimmer in reality.
4. For the locking mechanisms, metallic parts and magnets similar to the previous iBooks were no longer used. It is now similar to the clamshells before, which did not have locking mechanisms. After a long time, lock less mechanism was revived.
5. The keys on the keyboards are no longer tapered and becomes straight and flat. As for the touch and feel, it depends on the user’s taste.
6. The battery is wider (horizontally) but it solves the charge capacity problem. It contributed to the design layout which makes internal access easier.
7. The usual three screws at the same place (bottom) as the older models.
8. The battery bay in 12 inches iBook and Powerbook G4
9. Two screws locking the battery terminal and 2 screws for the palm rest.
10. Front view of the battery bay. Compared to previous iBooks, this is more secured in place (more rigid) because the top cover panel is held in place by 8 screws rather than tabs.
11. Two screws beside the optical drive.
12. Same way as the opposite side
13. The panel for inner access is held by 3 screws (screws already removed from panel) on the keyboard side. This arrangement makes upgrading easier.
14. Two memory slots positioned under the keyboard. A lever is used for removal.
15. When the lever is pushed, the memory pops up and can be removed. For installation, just push the memory modules in the slot.
16.You can replace the hardisk under the palm rest by removing the panel and pulling off the plastic film holder that secures the hardisk in place.
17. Compare with Windows designed notebooks, Apple designed notebooks have trouble with removal of hardrive but MacBook’s access characteristics was good that it would only take 1 minute to replace the hardrive.
18. Locking screw of the palm rest is similar to the Powerbook G4.
19. Top panel removed completely.
20. Heat problem seems to affect even the MacBook Pro but the cooling unit is rather prepared better with the MacBook.
21. Cooling unit . Control of the systems like temperature monitoring has extended to the logicboard. Air is sucked in from the under and exhaust is pushed at the rear.
22. Cooling unit is removed and shows CPU control systems
23. Intel Core Duo T2500 is shown
24. Chip set 945GM Express
25. The optical drive section. Since the clamshells and other Apples with plastic frames, screws were not utilized that much. With the MacBook, it may take a little time to assemble but it was more secure without sacrificing the design.
26. Hardisk bay under the palm rest. The arrangements is taken for consideration like weight distribution during opening of the display panel.
27. Speakers left and right
28. Sub-woofer beside the optical drive
29. Memory modules in place
30. The keyboard is integrated to the top cover panel.
31. This is the 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo 60 GB Model, the optical drive is Matsushita Superdrive “UJ-875-C”

The translation source:
The photo source:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jim” for the heads up on both sources.]

Also, check out KODAWARISAN for more dissection photos here:

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  1. Woa, looks really easy to disassemble, unlike my current iBook G4. Future HD swap without much hassle.

    What I don’t get are the current iMacs. First Apple designs the iMac G5 for easy swapping parts, and then they present the current iMacs which makes swapping HD very difficult.

  2. Some boys don’t care about the car, they just want to get their hands dirty looking under the hood. I’ve been under plenty of hoods in my time, but never just to see what it looks like.

    What’s with the continued placement of this ad? It’s offering a “free” service from Microsoft that requires <</i></b>surprise!</b></i>> you use IE 6 and Windows XP (or later) to access it. The service is actually tempting, but … I need to trek through muck to use it? That may be too high a price to pay. Still, I may be able to find an XP system on the side of the road or at a yard sale – just until I get my own MacIntel.

  3. The “sub-woofer” looks to be maybe an inch across! Larger than the “speakers left and right”, but hardly something likely to produce anything deeper than a deep baritone. Don’t bother with sound-intensive games, certain rock genres, or your Dad’s copy of the original soundtrack version of Old Man River.

    Maybe that’s what used to be called the ‘mid-range’ speaker in a three-way? Or the “woofer” in budget two-speaker enclosures? “Sub-woofer” can’t have gotten so generic that it means “any single speaker intended to improve base response in a stereo system”.

  4. “Tom” … that was old last week. As in … you are SO“Last Week” – or “Tired” … or “Weak” … or …

    Get over it … Please? Making fun of the mentally impaired is in poor taste the first time you do it. You are well into the double digits and … have you heard the expression “Beating a dead Horse”?

  5. One of the biggest arguments I get from other PC users is that Mac laptops are a major pain to upgrade, and from personal experience (as the Mac repair guy at the ISP I work for) they are. But the MacBooks look so easy to upgrade…*snif!* it brings a tear to my eye. I’m seriously considering getting one of these new white MacBooks and giving my old G3 800Mhz iBook to my daughter to use. The only thing stopping me is the Glossy Screens. I use my iBook constantly, and seeing my own reflection mudding up what I’d trying to work on is not a good thing, IMO.

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