Apple releases iLife ‘06 Updates

Apple today released a variety of updates for it’s iLife ’06 suite of multimedia applications: iDVD 6.0.2, iWeb 1.1, iPhoto 6.0.3, and iMovie HD 6.0.2.

• iDVD 6.0.2: Resolves issues with integration with the other iLife applications, importing of legacy projects and some theme related issues. It also addresses a number of other minor issues. More info and download link (5MB) here.

• iWeb 1.1: Adds two new features for .Mac subscribers and addresses a variety of usability and performance issues for all users. An abbreviated list of updates and download link (88.8MB) can be found here.

• iPhoto 6.0.3: Resolves several minor issues with playing shared slideshows in Front Row. More info and download link (13.9MB) here.

• iMovie HD 6.0.2: Addresses issues with Ken Burns rendering performance, scrubber bar editing performance, theme image quality, PAL audio, and displaying iLife Sound Effects automatically in its iLife Media Browser. It also improves overall stability and addresses a number of other minor issues. More info and download link (7MB) here.

The Updates are also via Mac OS X’s Software Update as usual.

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  1. It’s a bit funny how the descriptions in Software Update are noticeably different from the ones available online. Not a big deal though…just a little quirky.

    And yes, iWeb is quite a large update.

    MW: “and” ; there’s really nothing interesting to say about “and.”

  2. You know – this is really only small step forward for iWeb…sure it adds comments and searching, but only using a .Mac account.

    And the new templates?! They still don’t let you change a template once you select one…come on – how cheap can they get?

    Once you can change templates on existing sites and publish to non-.Mac accounts (without the convoluted process) and maintain comments, etc….then it will be something cool….

  3. From the iWeb update info page: “Comment support for blogs and podcasts (.Mac published sites only)”

    Come on Apple, surely you can do better than that! Stop trying to force people to subscribe to .Mac and let them get full functionality with their hosting company of choice. Web standards!

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

    MDN Magic Word: “not”, I’m not impressed

  4. Why oh why is Software Update dependent on leaving applications in their original installed locations? I created an iLife 06 folder in my applications folder, but had to remove the apps (or download the separate installers – thanks for the links MDN.) Pages and iWork were installed in an iLife 06 folder, but not so with iLife. This inconsistency is the bane of my Mac loving existence. Oh, the frustration. Why, Apple, why?

  5. Well, I hope we now can use iPhoto-homepage with its simple but nice templates as in iLife 05 again. That I think is a real disadvantage using iLife 06 using .mac.
    hello Apple do you read.. MDN ?!

  6. I love how this once great Apple site now has ads for competing products to Apple.

    “Download” is an ad for an iTunes competitor.

    This may be the tackiest site on the web. At least dump the ads in the text.

    Pretty disgraceful, and a crying shame since this site used to be pretty cool.

    What’s next, MDN is going to buddy up to Rob Glazer? “Hey Rob, sorry about the whole donut thing.”

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