Mac users to converge on NYC; plan overnight sidewalk camp for opening of Apple Store Fifth Avenue

“You’re invited to the biggest Apple store grand opening in 18 months: the Fifth Avenue store in New York City this coming Friday. General Motors Plaza will be home for an overnight camp-out on Thursday night, a busy Friday socializing with each other and curious passersby, and then the count-down to the exciting 6pm entrance into the new store. Bring your laptop, camcorder and digital camera to blog, podcast, iChat, post photos, exchange e-mail, listen to iTunes and surf the Web. I expect people will attend from all around the country, as well as from the metro NYC area. Plan to be among them,” ifoAppleStore writes.

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Apple Store Fifth Avenue Countdown – Grand Opening, Friday, May 19th @ 6pm EDT:

MacDailyNews Note: Although we plan on being there to cover this special flagship store grand opening, we can’t cover it all, so please send your photos and links to your websites of the event to: Thanks in advance and maybe we’ll see you there. Be there or be a glass cube!

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  1. That’s just sad.

    Agreed. GET A LIFE, people!

    Maybe everyone in line can IM each-other. Doesn’t anyone TALK anymore?

    Anyway I’m not that impressed with the Apple Store layouts. Too UFO-like, and hardly worth camping out for.

  2. Been there, done that, when boyfriend worked for Apple (later forced out by a “”family values” store manager for being gay). It’s too much hype and crowds for a free t-shirt. Too many new employees not having a clue about the products. Yea, a few big store openings still offer the “grab bag” at a reduced price, but most of those end up on Ebay because Mac fans already have the stuff inside.

    — Warning: Rant Approaching! —

    I, now, only buy the Macs and a few other select Apple products online. The rest are over-priced and I’d never go into an Apple store again after the troubles my boyfriend and I went through, the financial problems from his forced dismissal and Apple’s inaction about it. The only reason I buy anything Apple is that there is no other viable choice for my new graphics business, otherwise I wouldn’t.

    Our neighbor has had a similar problem with Apple’s hiring/firing practices, and has offered the idea of starting a website to support and console those of us that have been wronged by Apple. They are NOT the God you think they are. Granted, no one is perfect, but they are unwilling to acknowledge or repair any damage they inadvertently cause. As with all corporate juggernauts, they are willing and able to exploit the weak to gain a few bucks.

  3. Why would anyone camp overnight then wait all day to be first into yet another computer store? You’d have to be nuts. Crazy. Insane. Moronic. It’s the “First Post!” mentality of those like-minded idiots, who at least don’t need a concrete sidewalk and muggers to obtain their Apple religious high.

    Join the army or go bowling or something.

  4. “Mac users to converge on NYC”

    I pictured this George Romero-style. Frothy-mouthed, arms flailing, dead eyed Mac zombies with Apple logos burned into foreheads branding style converging upon an unsuspecting Fifth Avenue. The National Guard is on alert.

    “M-U-S-T G-E-T F-R-E-E S-H-I-R-T argggghhh. . . . and a Half Caf Half Decaf Double Latte to go please?”

  5. Mike Buonarroti “later forced out by a “”family values” store manager for being gay”

    Mike, this is unheard of. Company rules (and legal) are that you cannot discriminate employees because of sex or sex orientations.

    In our team two colleagues different sexual orientation (one gay, one lesbian). It is known and they cannot be fired of forced out because of that.

    Not saying what you say is not true but simply it is not legal and I suggest you find a layer and sue: it’s a hands down win.


  6. I can maybe understand people waiting in line for an hour if they live out in Podunk and have never had any kind of local Apple presence. Overnight, I don’t think so.

    Put down your geek toys and get a GF/BF and go DO something.

  7. I don’t think the comparison is with the ‘first post’ loonies is fair. They’re beyond help.

    There are certain advantages in these all-night vigils

    1. There’s no better way of making new friends than staying up all night with a lot of other people.

    2. It usually creates publicity for the store and Apple, and that can’t be bad.

    3. Controlled and voluntary sleep deprivation is an established therapy against depression.

    4. Then there are the goodies at the end, but they’re not so important.

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