French copyright bill approved: Apple will not have to share FairPlay DRM details with competitors

“The French Senate approved a new copyright bill yesterday, but amended it to soften a requirement for digital music vendors such as Apple Computer to open up their DRM (digital rights management) technologies to competitors,” Peter Sayer reports for IDG News Service. “The text of the bill approved by senators on Wednesday retains the principle of DRM interoperability, but opens a loophole allowing companies to keep their technology secret… Senators weakened the bill’s blanket requirement that vendors give details of their DRM technology to those wishing to develop interoperable systems. Instead, they voted to create a new regulatory authority responsible for mediating requests for such details.”

“The authority will have the power to order companies to share details of their DRM, but companies will be able to refuse as long as their DRM systems only limit usage of digital music or movies in a way approved by the author or copyright holder,” Sayer reports. “Developers of open source software seeking to make their code interoperable with DRM-protected systems and files will also face a challenge: DRM technology owners will be allowed to prohibit publication of source code developed using the details they provide, if they can show that such publication would seriously affect the security and effectiveness of their DRM system.”

Full article here.

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  1. I thought the record labels wanted to force iPod interoperability to prevent Apple from maintaining its iTMS monopoly. I hope Apple has enough clout with them in France to prevent them refusing to sign a new contract with Apple to take account of this new law.

  2. You America haters need a slap in the face. France did surrender and France is known for surrendering.

    FRANCE is the butt of jokes in the world because everyone knows the french are a bunch of bottom feeder losers. Whether you like it or not it’s true!

    Hate America all you want but you know you envy us.

    DON’T FORGET you freaks, Apple Computer is an American company. Steve Jobs is American no matter how much you wish he were a ‘native european’. LOL

    Vive USA!

  3. to all the xenophobes who for the last few weeks have been saying that the french should not make apple open up fair play to now say that the french surrender once again – i ask : do really expect to have your cake and eat it?

    pick one stance and stick with it.

    MW : ‘although’ i do not have much time for a lot of french politics, we must try to be fair and praise them now for seeing sense.

  4. My country is going down the drain, I know this. In 10-20 years Muslims will overtake the French government. How sad it will be. We welcomed the immigrants with open arms when we needed them and they are the ones who will now destroy the France that I have grown to know and love.

    What happened to our model social system? We are being destroyed from within, slowly but surely.

    To the Americans who hate on France. Yes there are problems with my country but most of the people are still good.

    Anyway, I withdraw from this discussion. While I hate to agree with the blind France-haters, there are kernels of truth in what they say.

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