Adobe releases Camera Raw 3.4 update

Adobes has released Camera Raw 3.4 update. This new version of the Camera Raw plug-in replaces the original Camera Raw plug-in that was installed with Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 and 4.0 software.

Support for the following cameras has been added in this update.
• Canon EOS 30D
• Leaf Aptus 65
• Leaf Aptus 75
• Olympus EVOLT 330
• Olympus SP-320
• Pentax *ist DL2
• Samsung GX-1S

The Camera Raw 3.4 plug-in is not compatible with versions of Photoshop earlier than Photoshop CS2 or versions of Photoshop Elements earlier than Photoshop Elements 3.0.

More info and download link (4.0MB) here.

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  1. Adobe sucks! They make you buy their over priced upgrades just to get camera support. They are the only software that converts RAW files that makes you do that. To my knowledge everyone else provides support for new cameras without having to buy the latest version.

    I’ve got CS and there’s no way I’m buying CS2 just so that I can use my 5D with it. I’ve moved on to other software.

  2. I agree – though, to be fair, $150 for a major upgrade is peanuts to anyone making money from photos or graphics professionally.

    It is more than a little heavy handed to limit this plug-in to only the latest and greatest…

  3. I use Capture One from Phase One. I’ve got the Pro version which is expensive but the LE version is only $99 and does much of what the Pro version does. It is a great program for RAW conversion and it was universal before Aperture was. It has a very fast workflow and I’ve found little to no need to use PS. I shoot a Canon 5D and convert with C1 (Capture One). About the only thing I use PS for is cropping, resizing, cloning or the healing brush, and the highlight shadow tool.

    C1 also has a trial version.

    Yes I still use CS as stated in the first paragraph but I doubt that I’ll buy from Adobe again.

  4. Greg M –

    “Adobe sucks! They make you buy their over priced upgrades just to get camera support.”

    You do not have to buy the ACR updates, just the CS2 upgrade. So, what you’re paying for is not camera support, per se, but the many improvements in CS2, including the greatly improved architecture for ACR which features curves adjustments, calibration, vignetting correction, and, my favorite, the ability to open multiple images simultaneously and synchronize settings among them.

    Considering the large number of very useful improvements offered in CS2, including Smart Sharpen, noise reduction, perspective & distortion correction, shadow & highlight recovery, and Bridge, I think $150 is very reasonable, especially considering that you can upgrade from any previous version, not just the last one.

    Furthermore, there is a free way to process newer RAW format files with ACR 2.x + CS or even PS 7:

    Use the latest version of Adobe’s free Adobe DNG Converter to make DNG copies of your RAW files, then open those DNGs in ACR 2.x.

    The DNG file format offers a number of advantages, particularly over older RAW formats like those from my Canon 1D and 1Ds cameras, and I make DNG copies of all my RAW files. I, for one, applaud Adobe for its efforts to promote a universal RAW format.

    I don’t like everything Adobe does, and it misses the boat on some things. But, it does provide in Photoshop a level of functionality unrivaled by any competing product. As a professional photographer, I am very glad it’s around. For hobbyists who find PS and the CS2 upgrade too expensive, Elements is an excellent alternative, and versions 3 and 4 support ACR 3.x, which makes Elements really oustanding for such a cheap product.

    Despite all the public whingeing about how Photoshop isn’t really made for photographers, the release of Lightroom, which was conceived before Aperture became available, shows that Adobe is thinking creatively about new ways to give users the tools they really need. To say “Adobe sucks!” simply because they need to make money on major upgrades seems a bit unfair.

  5. Give up…you cannot ‘dis Adobe…nothing holds a candle to it in total workflow…as far as Raw workflow goes, there are other options like C1…you should also check out Bibble Labs new version 4.7 converter. It comes with a Raw workflow version of Picture Code’s Noise Ninja built in. Best noise reduction tool on the market. 4.7 Pro is cheaper than C1 with equal rendering quality….

    oh, and learn to shoot film…digi newbies

  6. DANGER:
    Last night, I received an unsolicited advertising email from PhaseOne. I had NOT provided that, or any email address to them, I had merely visited the web site at the link Greg M provided above. There was no instruction from removal.

    I have deleted the two cookies (then three cookies) I found that the site placed, but I believe there may be more than those cookies involved. I have never had this happen at any other site.

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