Apple far outscores all other PC makers in Consumer Reports Computer Tech Support Survey

Only 55 percent of consumers who contacted free manufacturer’s tech support had their problem solved, according to the latest Computer Tech Support Survey from the Consumer Reports National Research Center. Along with the tech support survey results and Ratings, the June issue of Consumer Reports also includes the latest Ratings of desktop and laptop computers, and a step-by-step guide to easy PC fixes.

Consumer Reports surveyed more than 20,000 subscribers with computer trouble and asked how they solved problems with and without manufacturer’s help. Consumer Reports survey respondents noted that most manufacturers provided dismal free tech support with two exceptions: Apple’s support for desktops and laptops and IBM (Lenovo) for laptops. Apple solved 76 percent of survey respondents’ problems, and IBM (Lenovo) solved 64 percent.

The survey also found:
• Compaq free tech support solved just 38 percent of desktop and not laptop problems for survey respondents making it among the worst free tech support programs.
• Roughly 15 percent of users with problems didn’t even bother to contact the manufacturer’s support because of bad past experiences.
• Fifty percent of respondents who tried solving their own problem after free tech support failed them were successful.
• Sixty percent of those who asked family and friends for help after free support failed had their computer problems fixed.
• More than 90 percent of those who skipped tech support entirely and called an independent service at their own expense had their problem solved.

Full press release here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]

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  1. For desktops, Apple scored far better than any other company in reliability. 11% failure rate, compared to 15% for the very BEST PC company, and as bad as 21% for other companies.

    For laptops, Apple scored second-best with 17% failure rate (the best was 16%). But less than 3% difference is meaningless within the margin of error according to Consumer Reports. And the worst company had a 19% failure rate. So not so much variation in laptop reliability.

  2. Agreeing with correct info and disagreeing with incorrect info is the only behavior that makes any sense.

    Agreeing ALL the time, or disagreeing all the time, now that would be rabid.

    Now you have that life you wanted.

    And I don’t hate C R but they’re full of mistakes in their product specs.

    I see they fail to mention that the iMac HAS a display included in the price, while the systems they compare to do not.

  3. For an open-minded purchaser, reliability and service satisfaction should be towards the top of the wish list. That is the one area that trumps price objections and appeals to even the least technically oriented buyer. This is an area Apple needs to stress at least as much as any other if they want the penetration % to climb. Just say it, ours works the best according to the leading consumer publication. Simple, and appeals to everybody.

  4. I’m not always in agreement with Consumer Reports, but the fact remains CR is considered the gold standard in unbiased reviewing. CR has never lost a lawsuit alleging bias. Untold numbers of people rely on CR heavily for buying advice.

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