Analyst Gartenberg: ‘Apple’s new ad campaign is going to do well for them going forward’

“Have you seen the new Apple ads? Excellent. I had had a conversation yesterday with someone who pointed out that Apple has really become a lifestyle company. The new ad campaign clearly captures this with the depiction of the “Mac” vs. “PC.” There’s no doubt that here that Apple’s looking to capitalize on things like the Vista delay and the reinforcing the overall negative perception of the PC,” Michael Gartenberg blogs for Jupiter Research.

“Will it work? I suspect it already is, although I don’t have the data to prove that hypothesis,” Gartenberg writes. “I’ve already seen anecdotally friends who are computer literate who would have NEVER bought a Macintosh already plunk down cash for a new iMac or Mini with the advent of Boot Camp and things like Parallels Virtualization. I suspect this new clever (but not arrogant) marketing campaign is going to do well for them going forward.”

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  1. I’m pleasantly surprised that the Get A Mac section and the commercials so directly attack the virus problem with Windows. Pretty bold – not because it’s not true, but because it implies Apple knows how secure their OS is. Rather than being silent about it, this says more about OS X’s security than it does the lack of security in Windows.

  2. I want to know how big the campaign really is? I want to see them run ads everywhere and stop just short of getting overplayed. They’ve got the cash so they might as well use it.

  3. better than the switch campaign-

    Because they look like Bill now thatr he’s older and Steve when he was younger.

    It’s also a bit of political correctness. A guy and a girl would just be a sexist statement, and people would argue about that instead of what the commercial was saying. Also, it is safe to insult white men, they have no power as a group, anything else will get the lawyers called in.

  4. It’s very nice and rather refreshing to see Apple take this bold step. It created the validation that their followers were starving for. Everyone knew that Macs didn’t have viruses or were much less troublesome, but when the company comes out and says it, then these facts have substance. The Mac users can now go to their naysayers and be able to states these attributes as facts. It is, now, up to Microsoft to disprove these facts.

    Microsoft’s only defense will be more of their generic diatribe, using nebulous fictional features not to be seen by the general public for at least another year. By that time, Apple would have seen a new school year blossom and another holiday season come and go with a new, always impressive, version of OS X. Microsoft will be left dying on the vine; holding up an ancient history of past glories and regurgitated old promises as their only replies

    There is a tremendously huge user base of IT professionals, both of my brothers are such, that have no interest in learning something new, even if it is to merely take a cursory glance at a Mac. They feel that Macs would be about as troublesome as Windows so why bother. They live by the saying, “It is better to live with the Devil you know than the Devil you don’t know.”

    The avalanche has barley begun. Only after businesses change over to Macs and it becomes noticeable industry wide, it becomes news, that IT department heads will actually consider Macs as the company’s primary platform. Until then, I know the change will happen, people will eventually release their addiction to MS Windows, and I merely buy more AAPL stock.

  5. Replying to – “Curious as to why they chose these 2 guys. Why not 2 women? Or a guy and a girl?”

    Isn’t that obvious?? Would you really want one sex to represent what’s better and one sex represent what’s worse?

    But by the way… Do you people actually think those new mac commercials are NOT arrogant? Are you kidding me? Arrogant is exactly how I describe them. First of all, PC is represented by a fat looking office guy. When comparing the applications that come with the operating systems the mac proudly says it has stuff like itunes, imovie .. etc…. and like a little baby the PC says it also has cool apps like the calculator and a clock…. PLEASE don’t tell me you think Apple is being modest.

  6. These ads are better than previous attempts. But, I do not like the “Next year’s OS today” statement. It makes it sound like Vista will be just as good when it is introduced.

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