Buh-bye Freehand? Adobe offers Freehand to Illustrator migration guide

“Adobe has just posted a rather comprehensive FreeHand to Illustrator Migration Guide as well as a brief technical resource paper to their Design Center. Although it’s thoughtful of Adobe to put together such helpful guides for longtime FreeHand users, one can’t help but think the writing is on the wall for FreeHand and its users. Nevertheless, the guides appear to be helpful and worth a look if you happen to be considering the switch,” George Penston reports for Creative Toolbox. “It’s interesting to speculate what Adobe is planning on doing with all the competing products they now have in their product lineup. I think many of us felt FreeHand would be the first or obvious casualty of the acquisition…”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Nick” for the heads up.]

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  1. gforce is correct. FreeHand had so much more flexibility than Illushitor, which still can’t do multi-page documents. Plus, FreeHand is still lean and mean in its current version. Illushitor, on the other hand? Can you say “bloated” and “slow”?

    Yaah. I knew you could.

    Ohh, and . . . pardon my language, kids. Mister Rogers is just a little pissed at Adobe. Can you all say “pissed”?

  2. Okay?

    You are just another uninformed mindless troll that has been brainwashed into thinking that Freehand is the best – You go to any printer or design house and see what the real aplications are that are used and I will bet that it sure as hell isn’t Freehand.

  3. Freehand and Illustrator are ILLUSTRATION programs NOT Page layout apps – Whay the hell do you need multible pages in an Illustration program – If that is all Freehand has over Illustrator – what a waste.

  4. I agree with gforce, there are several things that Freehand did much easier than Illustrator does. Like text wrapping around a circle for instance. In FH, if you want the first word on top of the circle attached by the bottom of the text and then a second word on the bottom attached by the top of the text, you merely need to hit the Return key. In Illustrator, It’s 10X harder, and just poorly planned. There are several other features of FH that are easier too, but that’s the one I find most irritating.

    Don’t get me wrong, Illustrator has some superior features too, and FH has been getting worse with each release since 8 which was the best IMHO. I really hope they take the good things about FH and add them to AI.

  5. Freehand is crap? Give me a break. Illustrator doesn’t even offer multi-page support. Plus is it’s print/document setup and palettes are a pain in the ass to use. I should know, I have to use both everyday. There’s something to be said for Freehand’s simplicity.

    Oh my god! They killed FH!

    I only hope Xara can compete. The only think I like from adobe is Photoshop. And that’s because there’s not that much choice out there.

  6. ipodboy: You’re clearly a little boy, especially if you have to guess what “aplications” are used at real design houses and printers. You know, since they all take vector files with no problem, dipshit.

    I run a “design house”, and we’re far more efficient with FreeHand than we ever were with that bloatware known as Illustrator.

    The best thing Adobe could do would be to study and dissect the code base from FreeHand and learn how to make Illustrator leaner, while incorporating many of FreeHand’s superior features.

    Now go sell crazy someplace else. We’re all stocked up here.

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