Apple folding its own Origami?

“The world has gone Origami crazy over the past few weeks, with Samsung’s glossy black Q1 grabbing most of the headlines,” T3 reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, the “world has gone Origami crazy” with headlines like these:
‘Origami’ Stumps CEOs in failed Jobs-style presentation – April 17, 2006
Origami: another Microsoft product in search of a market – April 04, 2006
Microsoft practices the art of vapor-folding with ‘Origami’ – March 03, 2006

T3 continues, “And now it seems like Apple might be gearing up to launch its own ultra-mobile computer. Apple itself is keeping quiet, but the patents recently filed by the company suggest that it is working on a small tablet-like device with arc-shaped on-screen QWERTY keyboard and iPod-style clickwheel. The look and size of the device (similar in shape to a hardback book) is strikingly close to that of existing ultra-mobile PCs, but the screen is much larger, taking up almost the entire face of the tablet. The implication is that you would control the device using gestures, or clickwheels and keyboards that appear on the screen. Given Apple’s sense of style and innovative tendencies, an Origami from its drawing boards is a tantalising prospect indeed.”

Full article with images from the patent applications, including a full virtual QWERTY keyboard in a 90-degree arc, here.

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  1. As unpolished and unfinished and… unfascinating as the Origami was, I have to believe that someone got wind of what Apple has been working on and quickly rushed something to market in order to capture the glory.

    All of these tablet/handheld patents from Apple we have been seeing (and if you read Macsimum News (there has been upwards of 40 over the last half-year) were filed 6-12 months ago. Origami had 3 months – maybe 4 months of work at the MOST put into it when it was released.

  2. What the Origami fiasco proved is that true ‘stealth’ marketing can create a real buzz, as the media was just jumping all over this story.

    What it also proved is unless there is a really good product behind the buzz, people will see though it and there will be a loss of interest or even a backlash.

    Microsoft created this buzz and they can’t back it up. Apple creates this buzz, people call it hype, but it sticks because they have the products to back up the hype.

    FWIW ive seen more stories in the media about the iPod since Origami was announced than I have stories about Origami.

  3. “The world has gone Origami crazy over the past few weeks, with Samsung’s glossy black Q1 grabbing most of the headlines”

    Gotta love pure lies and speculation out of these supposed tech analysts.

  4. Crazy Apple Rumors time.

    Apple patents lots of stuff, even builds them, but never puts them on the market.

    If America were tech-crazy like Japan, then we’d see a lot more gagets like this out on the street.

    I think Apple would need a new interface paradigm to control a computer comfortably with one hand while holding it with the other. My 12″ PB is easy enough to do that. It’s a little awkward and heavy, but you’ve got to have a way to hold a tablet-like device that’s comfortable.

    This idea doesn’t look comfortable. It looks like a wrist-breaker.

    MW: true, as in Everything I say is true.

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