Bloomberg columnist: Apple should sell iPod porn

“Apple Computer Inc. never seemed too bothered about whether it made money. Worrying about earnings was for the bean counters at Microsoft Corp. and Dell Inc.; Apple was too busy being hip and sexy to fret about its bottom line. The runaway success of its iPod portable music player, though, seems to have given the company a renewed lust for life. After years in the wilderness as a niche maker of groovy computers and software for designers and musicians, Apple is starting to enjoy mainstream success,” Mark Gilbert writes for Bloomberg. “And, just like every other underground artist, Apple faces some tough decisions that will leave it open to accusations of selling out. As the Cupertino, California-based company adds television shows, films and sporting events to its iTunes Internet store, one entertainment category is notable by its absence — pornography.”

“t’s pretty obvious, if a little dismaying, that adding an adult-video section to the iTunes Web site would generate a ton of new visitors and additional revenue for Apple,” Gilbert writes. “It’s also obvious, though, that porn would sit badly with Apple’s self-image. One more thing, says Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs at the next marketing presentation, as the wall-sized video screen behind him fills with fleshy images of bump and grind. It’s hard to picture that scene; Apple is all about whiteness and purity, not smut.”

“Money, though, is the root of all evil, and there’s a lot of money to be made from the alleged evil of so-called adult entertainment. Porn is, literally, the Internet’s dirty big secret. There are 4.2 million pornographic Web sites, with 372 million porn pages handling 68 million search requests per day, according to TopTenReviews Inc., which analyzes software products and Internet services,” Gilbert writes. “The porn industry generates $57 billion in global revenue over the Web, the research firm says, with sales of adult videos contributing $20 billion.”

“Selling more than 42 million iPods in less than five years looks like success, until you realize that mobile-phone sales climbed to about 795 million handsets last year. IPod fans will pay top dollar for an Apple iPhone; CEO Jobs should provide one,” Gilbert writes. “The same applies to porn. A search on Google Inc. shows a bunch of companies willing to sell the content and software needed to view erotic material on an iPod. Apple may as well grab some of that revenue for itself.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Do you want to spend your life selling pornography to people or do you want to change the world?

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    There of course should be a totally different application for it with password protection as not to associate it with iTMS and keep it from the kiddies.

    Credit card only access, no music cards or gift certificates.

    Porn makes a incredible amount of money, provides a need for common mike, jim and macdudes of the world who don’t have girlfriends apparanty.

    Apple would make a killing!!

  2. Perfect take, MDN!!
    No, Apple should not sell porn. Just because it is commonly used wouldn’t make Apple seem any less pathetic and unprincipled for selling it.
    Porn: the polar opposite of creativity.

  3. First post! finally!! after all these years!!!

    Like I’ve always said: porn’s the only reason I got me an iPod. Porn’s the only reason I turn on my iPod. I’ve got one hand holding my iPod, the other on my jimmy and I’m having a good ol’ time. Heck, I’ve been thinking ’bout dumping that old bi*ch too!!!

  4. “The same applies to porn. A search on Google Inc. shows a bunch of companies willing to sell the content and software needed to view erotic material on an iPod. Apple may as well grab some of that revenue for itself.”

    Geez. Amazing that Apple hasn’t already seen the iPorn opportunity. Glad Gilbert is here to point such idiotic things out.

    Lots of money to be made selling drugs, too, Mark.

    MW: law. Of course, selling drugs is against the law, if you want to be puritanical about it.

  5. Perhaps what would be better if Apple created another company to sell porn.

    This way the so called “religious smug’s” with their “oh so superior than thou” and “I’m going to heaven and your going to hell you heathen” moral additudes, (who secretly sodomize their own children and commit adulty quite reguraly) combined with the old farts who don’t get any thus “nobody else should get any” additudes won’t object to loudly.

    Of course what will most likely happen is porn sites, which like to control everything themselves, will sell their own iPod porn.

    Porn sites like to sell your email addresses to spammers if you quit paying, so I hear.

  6. Gee if you read your Bible a bit more closely (heh, I’m not even a church goer) MONEY is not the root of all evil, the LOVE of MONEY is. The author can’t even get that right (most people don’t).

    No, Apple should not sell porn. Plenty of iPod-compatible stuff out there already.

    “MDN Magic Word” – lead – Apple should lead the market with cool toys, not sell smut.

  7. Hey you can change the world by selling porn. Besides we can always hold our iPods with our left hands (right hands for the leftys out there, don’t want to discriminate)
    Get me a pornpod!

    Apple–yank different

  8. All iPorn will do is cause Public Relation Headaches for Apple. Then, the conservative christian groups will be very vocal (as will the media) and most likely plan large scale boycotts of all Apple products. Parents will see Apple as a danger and not buy their kids any Apple products. In the end iPorn would be more trouble than what it is worth to Apple.

  9. Apple doesnt need to sell porn. as of right now there isnt any DRM on current porn sites, and videos that you download, so having a porn site sell ipod compatible video is an easy thing to do.

    There is no reason apple would need to sell porn. this guy just wants to get clicks.

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