Apple’s superior hardware can now run Microsoft’s inferior Windows XP

“While Boot Camp is being painted as a big win for Microsoft, it’s not. Apple currently holds anywhere from three to five per cent of PC market share. Many of the True Believers aren’t going to let Win XP and its propensity for viruses near their sacred white boxes, so Microsoft will be lucky if it picks up a two per cent to 2.5 per cent one-time overall surge in Win XP sales. Still, Microsoft will no doubt get around to shipping a shrink-wrapped version of Win XP for iMac for placement on store shelves,” Doug Mohney writes for The Inquirer.

“And can we talk about the so called ‘superior hardware’ Apple is bragging about? Having moved from the superior PowerPC chips to allegedly-inferior Intel chips has – by Apple’s own propaganda – boosted performance anywhere from three to four times from the ‘old’ hardware. Various benchmark results floating around on the InterWeb are showing that in an ‘ahem’ chips-to-chips/box-to-box comparison, an Apple Intel box with a PC Intel box come out in a dead heat. A better looking case and ditching all the legacy ports (parallel, serial, PS/2 mouse & keyboard) makes for more elegant design, but superior performance isn’t a part of that mix – unless you’re comparing it to Apple’s last-generation hardware,” Mohney writes.

Full article, “There’s nothing superior about Apple hardware,” here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple deserves to brag about their superior hardware because, ahem, they offer superior hardware. Apple consistently scores at the top of multiple independent consumer satisfaction surveys year after year after year. Macs are designed better and last longer than the typical box assemblers’ product. Trying to shift from Apple “bragging” about “superior hardware” to an argument about “superior performance” doesn’t cut it either, as we happen to understand English and can also spot the debating tactics of a four-year-old quite easily. It’s too bad that The Inquirer dilutes what could have been an interesting article with yet another blatant troll for hits.

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  1. Forget the Mac’s market share – isn’t it time they just referred to the “millions of satisfied Mac users round the world”?

    And as for hardware, my beautiful, functional 60 month old Powerbook (Ti) was wowing Win users this weekend – to the extent they bought a hardback book online from iPhoto of the weekends’ photos.

    Don’t tell me there is PC hardware that would be doing that… even after 12 months.

  2. “While Boot Camp is being painted as a big win for Microsoft…”

    Microsoft PR may have spun it as a win for MS, but elsewhere I have only seen it “painted” as a big win for Apple. Windows users who want the superior hardware will buy Macs to run Windows, but many will eventually migrate to Mac OS X because they can compare the two side-by-side for the first time. So Apple wins with (1) increased Mac sales and later with (2) increased Mac OS X usership.

  3. @ Jim>

    I’m not sure you can classify anything MacDude does as “writing” in the sense that sentient lifeforms understand the word.

    It’s more the random outpourings of MacDude’s several neurons, which means there are probably only about 15 “statements” that it is instinctively programmed to make when presented with Macintosh-oriented external stimuli.

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