Apple CTO Avie Tevanian to leave Apple on March 31

“Avadis ‘Avie’ Tevanian, Apple Computer’s Chief Technology Officer, is leaving the firm to ‘pursue other interests,’ the company confirmed Monday. Tevanian, who came to Apple in 1997 from his previous post working for Steve Jobs at NeXT, played a key role in developing Mac OS X, the company’s widely adored operating system,” Alan Saracevic reports for The San Francisco Chronicle.

“Although Apple wouldn’t say what Tevanian’s plans are, Vice President of Worldwide Corporate Communications Katie Cotton wrote in an e-mail that, ‘He plans to take some time off in the interim. He hasn’t left yet, though. His last official day is March 31,'” Saracevic reports.

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MacDailyNews Note: Tevanian was an important figure in the development of the Mach kernel at Carnegie Mellon and later worked for NeXT Computer and then at Apple, both times brought into the firms by Steve Jobs. At Apple, he was the lead in the development of Mac OS X.

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  1. This is the worst thing I can think of except for Steve leaving. Now I know why I am down 25K in stock price. I now know why the shorts are killing Apples stock.

    Am I to believe that nobody on Wall Street knew this was coming? Once again the small invester gets trampled over by corporate america.

  2. It’s NOT like Jonathan Ive leaving. Tevenian is brilliant but he was a team leader, establishing the deep roots of Darwin/OS X, and working out the frameworks for XCode and the transition to OS X and probably to Rosetta. Unless Apple’s planning on doing another major platform switch, I think the particular sort of heavy lifting that he excelled in is basically all done.

    Losing Ive would be like losing Picasso, on the other hand. An inferior Apple product design would be far more conspicuous and telling than an inferior OS upgrade.

  3. One of the reasons creative people leave a firm/project, is they feel the mission is complete, that there are no more important issues to be worked out.

    If this is the reason Avie is leaving Apple, then the heavy lifting is done. From here, its a matter of following a defined road map.

    Avie was/is an incredible resource. He has been at Jobs side for nearly 20 years. I know that I would need a rest after running alongside Jobs for that long.

    Good Luck Avie.

  4. All stocks gone down 30% since mid february.

    ANSWERS.COM = down 35%
    EARTHLINK = down 35%
    GOOGLE = down 35%
    APPLE = down 35%

    its just the laws of media, they know stocks will go up during the new years, and down after january, so they buy before new years and then sell and short after new years and they feed the media with proper news to maximize their money.

    this happens every year. I sold APPLE at $75 when it came down from $87. However i bought some again because, because i think investors are underestimating the intel iMAC sales.

    i got an intel imac, its just amazing, i would never switch back to windows again, and i think this is going to take off like iPOD.

  5. Oooooh, nooooooo!! Ohmigod, what de hell am I gonna do??!!?!????? HELP ME!! HELP ME, EVERYONE!!! I . . . I’m feeling so . . . lost! What’s going on in de world??!??!??!?? This CAN’T be happening!! It . . . just . . . can’ttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeh-heh-hehessssss, calm down nerds. De world isn’t ending, and de sun’s not going to blow up. De Mac geek love will keep flowing despite one Apple suit leaving de nerd herd.

    I mean, it’s not like de big man himself is jumping ship, right?

    (No, I was talking about Kimmel.)

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