Microsoft manager lectures Apple on security

Microsoft program manager Stephen Toulouse, in a series of entries on his personal blog, has challenged Apple to hire a security czar and revamp the way information is disseminated when Mac OS X security updates are released.

“Look, the only way you can tackle security issues is by getting out ahead of them and clearly communicating to your users the threat, and the clear guidance on how to be safe,” Toulouse said. “Here’s the reality, for the next couple of years the Mac OS will experience increasing security threats and mark my words, the company will have to seek outside expertise in the form of a head of security communications in the next 12 months,” Toulouse added. The program manager said Apple needs a person “steeped in security issues, true technical analysis, [someone who] can lead a good security team to get good guidance out there,” according to a report from

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MacDailyNews Take: What’s next, Donald Trump advising Patrick Dempsey on hair styling? Rob Glaser lecturing Jack LaLanne on physical fitness? William Hung as Pavarotti’s voice coach? The size of Microsoft’s cojones sometimes defy description.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jim” for the heads up.]

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  1. Sorry you don’t get into Apple by critizing them publically. You go pitch yourself to human resources.

    Apple has had some problems with security, if the increase of market share does come with more malware and exploits, perhaps it would be good for Apple to take some advice.

  2. Q-Bert, what problems with security?

    I keep hearing this but I haven’t seen anything that wasn’t quickly addressed or completely blown out of proportion.

    One so-called virus was simply a program that you had to give administrative permission to twice before it did anything and I couldn’t believe the press that thing got.

    I am definitely not a apple-can-do-no-wrong kind of guy, but I have friends whose Windows systems were simply inoperable because of all the virus that somehow snuck through their defenses.

    I would honestly like to know what security issues Mac OS X has encountered because I don’t know of any that could be called serious or even “problems”.

  3. Let’s see if I got this straight.. Apple is at fault because it doesn’t advise people of problems that don’t exist. Microsoft advises people of problems it creates and of solutions to the problems it creates which create further problems that they… etc etc etc. And thereby Microsoft sets the industry standard for doing the right thing and being good guys?

    Do these turkeys have to go to stupid school or were they just born that way.

  4. Why would anyone listen to a person in charge of the most insecure OS on earth?

    Is like a coach from a loosing team advsing a winner how to win

    Weird that MDN even bothers to print it

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