Meltdown Warning: Windows XP on Intel-based Macs lacks fan driver [UPDATED]

Installing Windows XP on your Intel-based Mac can cause problems and not just the Karmic kind:

“According to a thread on MacRumors, the current XP install doesn’t include a fan driver, which means your Mac’s fan never goes on. That may not be a big issue if you’re using an iMac for limited periods in a well-ventilated space, but if you’re planning on running XP on a MacBookPro, you may find things getting mighty hot. We’re not dissing narf and blanka here; they won the contest and deserve their $13,000. But you may want to be a little careful before trying out their solution at home,” Marc Perton reports for Engadget.

More info here.
MacRumors’ Windows on a Mac forum here.

[UPDATE: 3/21, 1:35pm: “It appears that the fans in Macs do indeed go on regardless of which OS is running, though there is apparently some concern about how the fans are regulated by software over time. Several commenters have pointed out that even in some earlier Mac models, running non-Apple OSes (i.e., Linux) could result in the fans running constantly, due to a lack of Apple power-management software. So, the good news seems to be that, no, XP won’t melt your Mac. The bad news? Your fans may whirr constantly, causing a bit of noise pollution, and possibly draining your batteries before their time if you’re using a MacBookPro,” Engadget’s Marc Perton reports. Full article here.]

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    The default for no fan driver response is for the hardware to maximize the fan speed.

    Same thing happens when Mac OS X “hangs”, the hardware doesn’t get the calls from the OS to tone down the fans, so it turbos them.

    This is standard Apple procedure.

    I have read many posts from those who are running XP on their Mactels (traitors!) and te fans are at full blast because there is no driver to slow them down.

    Game over.

  2. ^ Ahh, ha-ha-ha-ha, haaah-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    Sometimes, January, you are just so funny . . . ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

    . . .

    And then there’s now.

  3. Oh yea, Engadget is full of $hit.

    Can you say hit traffic troll?

    Anyway MacRumors is filled with a bunch of stupid kids who hyperventalite at a moments notice.

    I wouldn’t count on them as being a creditable source of accurate information.

    Engadget should know better, but troll stories are hit traffic generator’s.

    Apple fanboies s*ck a$44 too.

  4. Ha HA, Apple just voided your warranty/AppleCare for running a non-approved operating system.

    Bet Apple will rethink allowing Windows on their hardware when the scores of melted CPU’s come flooding in the door.

    STUPID APPLE, XP is for PC’s.

  5. Umm… I believe this claim has been debunked

    > Fans have been verified to be working, but are generally only audible
    > under heavy CPU load or when the CPU temperature gets very high. There
    > have been some perceptions that XP is running hotter than Mac OS X, but
    > measurements indicate that maximum case temperatures under XP are
    > no greater than under Mac OS X.

  6. I am running XP on my Mac Mini (1.67GHZ Core Duo). I don’t hear the fans run during routine tasks, like browsing the net or messing around with settings. When I do run CPU intensive tasks, such as 3DMark or Quake III Arena, I begin to hear the fans run. The more intensive the task, the louder the fans become. If the story were true, the fans would be running at high speed until it can illicit some form of response from the system, NOT be prevented from running. Please get the facts straight before posting Windows-bashing material. I know we all love OS X, but it’s truly a shame when Mac sites look for the smallest piece of flame bait to post.

    For detailed information regarding running XP on a Mac, and to read actual user’s experiences behind this project, please read the OnMac wiki: or visit the forums at

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