How to run Windows XP on an Intel-based Apple Macintosh

“For those unaware, a website titled Windows XP on Mac has been collecting a pool of donations for anyone who could successfully boot Windows XP on an unmodified Intel Mac. The pool grew slowly at first, but as the news of the contest spread, it passed the US$13,000 mark. The first hint that “narf” may have figured it out came in the form of a set of photos on Flickr that seemed to show Windows XP on an iMac of some sort. Next came the videos and an acknowledgement from the contest administrators that a solution had been submitted. And finally, this morning, announced that a proposed solution had been found and had been tested successfully. The contest had been won, and it looks like “narf” is about to almost US$14,000 richer,” Clint Ecker reports for Ars Technica.

“The WindowsXP on Mac website has now posted the solution developed by Narf. It is fairly complicated and will probably be a little difficult for novice users to get a handle on, but I’m certain that an easier, more accessible way to deploy this will become available in a relatively short amount of time,” Ecker reports. “The implications of this method of installing Windows XP onto any Apple Mac are exciting, to say the least. Anyone with a little know-how is going to be able to dual boot their machines and have access to a world of applications not yet available on their OS of choice. For most people that means they’ll be playing EVE Online on their iMacs and for others, they’ll finally be able to run a modern PSPICE application on their Mac mini. Apple computers are now the first machines on which you can boot all three major operating systems without (potentially) violating anyone’s EULA (it’s not yet clear whether or not modifying the Windows XP boot CD is technically legal or not). What is for certain is that a more user-friendly manner of getting Windows XP onto Apple’s Intel computers is going to arise from narf’s implementation, and in my opinion, it will be a net benefit for everyone involved.”

More info, instructions, and links here.

Download link for “Windows on the Intel Mac Bootloader” can be found here.

How to install Windows XP on an Intel-based Apple Macintosh:

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  1. I hate Windows, but like many people, there is one particular application that I can’t run on a Mac (Statistical Analysis System also known as SAS in my case). So I welcome this. Perhaps I can disconnect my computer from the Internet when I boot in Windows.

  2. As you can see, it only took someone a few weeks and $14,000.

    Microsoft could have had it done in less time and they have more money at their disposal.

    Microsoft has stated they WONT make a version of Windows for Mac’s, now why not?

    I would love to have a external drive that will boot my Mactel in Windows, to play games and such, I wouldn’t do anything sensitive, but as long as it can work to play games….

  3. When an Windows virus corrupts your hard drive, making it unable to boot from any system, then let me know how wonderful it is to use.

    I use Mac OS X to PREVENT problems. Why on God’s green Earth would someone want to invite a digital molester to live in their attic merely because he can play a few games?

    Buy a cheap Dell for those aps, so you can keep your Mac isolated and have at least one secure system in your home or workplace.

    I still fail to see the purpose behind all of this insanity?

    I really wish I had all of their time and money to waste on such silliness.

  4. It’s simple, you have two external drives with Windows XP on it.

    One you boot from one to run your games etc online on your MacTel box.

    If it gets corrupted by a virus/malware etc. you simply go offline physically, boot from a write protected boot cd and erase the infected drive, hook up the other drive and clone a new copy of XP.

    Forget about running anti-malware programs and paying those fee’s. Just close up those open ports, follow some simple online securing XP instructions and your Mactel XP machine should be fine for several weeks before needing a fresh copy.

  5. I can just see the headlines in 6 months
    “Latest News: Macs get hit by massive virus attack”

    then somewhere in the text will be ‘ a Mac computer running WindowsXX….blah, blah, dadadida’

  6. In all the excitement I forgot why I want to do this?

    To play games?

    To use XP only software?


    To view IE only websites?

    Need I say more?

    Your journey to the dark side is almost complete.

    Apple has said they won’t stop anyone from installing Windows on a Mactel

    This is a obvious indication that they plan or want to sell Mac’s with Windows installed in all their stores to sell more hardware.

    Apple is a hardware company, Mac OS X is just the fancy paint job on the hardware.

    People tend to forget that.

    If you think for a minute that Steve Jobs won’t drop Mac OS X to run a version of Windows (XP or Vista) to sell more hardware, your a idiot.

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