Anayst: 75-percent chance of Apple ‘iPhone’ in next 12 months

“Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster maintained an “outperform” rating and $103 price target on Apple Computer after February NPD data showed iPod sales tracking in-line with estimates. The analyst is modeling for March iPod unit sales of 9 million,” Maya Roney reports for Forbes. “‘We would be buyers of Apple on [the recent] pullback given we believe iPod demand will accelerate in mid-calendar 2006, based on upcoming positive seasonality and new form factor iPods,’ wrote Munster in a research note Wednesday.”

Roney reports, “In addition, the analyst believes Apple will benefit in its fiscal second March quarter from the new Intel-based Macs, along with what he estimates to be a ‘75% chance’ of an ‘iPhone’ in the next 12 months,” Roney reports.

Full article here.

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  1. I still think an iPhone would be awesome. Cell Phones need to be “Apple-ized”, which is to say that a bunch of bullshit needs to be taken out (like surfing the net, etc…), and the good shit needs to be simple and functional and beautiful.

  2. I just recently started thinking about buying a new mobile phone and after surveing the models on sale from all the major mobile phone makers I can simply say that the long rumored iPhone can’t get released soon enough. This market is in dire need of some Apple Simplicity and Elegance.

  3. I just got my first new cell in 5 years. if an iPhone comes out, I’ll crap myself. And then get one. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Nautical, I agree. The biggest problems with cell phones today is the lack of true organizer features in a nice slim package that can sync FULL contacts (ie: addresses, photos & notes) with Apple’s Address Book, iCal and notes (although we could use an Apple note application).

    The only solutions seem to be Windows SmartPhone, HipTop or Palm based (which suck, and require third party sync software). Those solutions are also way too big.

    I want a Motorola RAZR that has full contact sync, and decent voicedialing capability. Motorola’s voicedial and contact features sucks major ass. Oh, and a simplified iPod style interface would probably work a lot better than what most phones currently use.

    A decent pop3 email mini-client and WAP browser are also important, but secondary features.

  5. I didn’t know Herman Munster had kids!

    …but seriously folks, I don’t believe in the iPhone rumor. Think about how you aquire your current phone. heavily discounted at the service provider’s store. service agreement. Customer support. Where or how is Apple going to make money off of this product? I dunno.

  6. Don’t get me wrong: I would love a cell phone created by Apple. But that’s only half the equation. Remember that any cell phone maker has to contend with the cell phone providers, and they are the tail that wags the dog. As such, many very good phones are often crippled because providers like AT&T (SBC), Verizon and others turn off great features, simply because they don’t see profit in enabling them.

    Ask Jeff Hawkins, the creator of the Treo. When the then-Handspring tried to launch their first Treo, he was shocked at the cold greeting he was given by the telcos. They could not see the value in his creation. The iceberg has since thawed, but quite simply, the telcos, just like Hollywood, just doesn’t get it. (Are you listening, Jack Valente?)

    Face it: cell service in the US of A compared to that of Europe and Japan totally sucks. With competing standards, greedy service providers and a buildout of different cell systems, US cell service is lame compared to many of our neighbors. Imagine what an Apple phone could REALLY be like.

    If Mr. Muenster’s prognostication proves correct, it will be interesting to see the final result. Would Apple partner with someone like Motorola, for whom cell phones are a strength? Would we see a Moto phone with “Apple inside”? Or is this another lame rumor that refuses to die? Time will tell.

    One thing to consider: what can Apple add to a cell phone that’s not already there, and get the telcos to love it? Apple is often not the company that creates a new product that no one has ever seen before, but instead, as in the case of the iPod, they brilliantly do what others totally screwed up before them. But Apple can’t take an idea and really make something of it, then I wonder if this is a rumor and little more. It’s why we have not seen (and won’t see) and Apple PDA, in no small part because the market for PDAs continues to shrink. Apple does not want to get into the commodity business. That’s not their business plan.

    So unless the brilliant minds in Cuptertino can create a cell phone that we’ve never seen before, parlay what they have already done with iTMS, .Mac and other services, and get the telcos on-board, I really wonder if this is all so much wishful thinking. I do hope that Mr. Muenster proves me wrong.

    Meanwhile, as I write this, just below the text entry box is an ad for Windows Live Local (beta). Just think: now I can get close-up satellite photos of our tennis pro boinking my wife in the back yard while I’m at work. Thanks, Microsoft!!

  7. Personally I’d like to see something more along the lines of a SKYPE phone for use in the home Handsets that can work as proper video phones via ichat on a home network – security cams etc, access your address book, your ical and so on. Then add actually mobile phone capability later if needs be. That way they don’t have to worry about networks and carriers and all that shit, they can build a new market – they could totally change the phone as we know it since it wouldn’t be being built solely for the purpose of making calls with other features tagged on, it could be a pda type device but they have to build it so that it isn’t so much a tiny computer but just another electronic gadget that just works – like iPod.

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