Joke of the Day: Red Herring headline: ‘Creative may be iPod threat’

“Creative Technology, which has sought to make a digital media device that could rival Apple’s best-selling iPod, appeared to get more serious about the market Friday, saying it would de-emphasize its professional workstation graphics business in favor of the portable handheld device market,” Red Herring reports under the hilarious headline “Creative May Be iPod Threat.”

“Singapore-based Creative said it would refocus its 3Dlabs subsidiary on producing handheld devices that require intensive processing for video, audio, and 3D graphics. The company, one of the first to make a digital music player, has tried to challenge iPod’s dominance with its models such as the MuVo, but so far it hasn’t matched Apple’s success,” Red Herring reports. “The popularity of Apple’s video iPod also seems to have reinvigorated the portable media player market. Microsoft’s Windows-based platform, which Creative’s devices can operate on, didn’t catch on big time until Apple’s device appeared last October.”

MacDailyNews Take: It still hasn’t caught on big time, since Apple doesn’t use “Microsoft’s Windows-based platform” upon which Creative’s devices operate.

Red Herring continues, “Creative has seen its share of the market erode considerably since Apple’s entry into the market with its iPod line. Apple’s dominance of the market has even forced out another MP3 player pioneer, Rio… Creative has been pouring more of its efforts into portable audio and video. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month, the company won a Best of CES award for its Zen Vision:M portable media player device, which plays music and videos, stores photos, and includes an FM radio and tuner.”

Full article here.
[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “macnut222” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, for cryin’ out loud. Every writer who uses the so-tired-it’s-dead “includes an FM radio and tuner” line should be banned from ever writing another technology article again. Morons. Apple sold more iPods in the last 90 days than Creative will ever sell. Will. Ever. Sell. Not one of them included an FM radio and tuner. Consumers do not care. Just look at the numbers. It’s a feature without a market.

Creative’s Sim Wong Hoo on Monday: We’re declaring war on Apple iPod. On Tuesday: We’re going to focus on sound cards. On Wednesday: We’re going to concentrate on digital music players. On Thursday: We’re going to focus on something else – give me a sec – I’ll think up something… Sim Wing Hoo’s focus fluctuates more than Oprah Winfrey’s bathroom scale.

Didn’t Red Herring get the memo? “[Insert also-ran company here] may be iPod threat” headlines ended quite awhile ago when Apple blew away all competition and the parade of “competitors” exiting the market began.

And who’s surprised that Creative won an award for blatantly copying the Apple iPod from a show that Apple eschews? Hello, anybody? For a look at Creative’s not-too-distant future in digital media players, please see the related articles below.

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  1. Look.

    It’s nice that Apple are doing really well with the IPOD.

    And it’s nice that nobody seems to be able to come up with a better design… just a copy design.

    But why not try to be more humble about it?

    It’s like the virus thing. I can imagine that there are geeks out there trying to write a Mac virus, just because of the arrogant way that OSX users are showing off the safety of OSX.

    The same way, when Apple fans start arrogantly dismissing the lack of success of a rival product, it kinda makes people want to see the Apple fans fall flat on their face.

    All I can say, it’s a good thing Steve Jobs is gracious about these things. (At least publicly)

  2. If you look at it a different way, it is not the iPod that is forcing others out of the market since the iPod seems to be plateau’ing at 70-80% (of an increasing size pie). Instead it is the iPod alternatives who are killing each other. If there were only one alternative to iPod (Amazon, Creative, Dell, SANdisk or whoever) they could survive quite well with the 20% of the digital music pie.

    Solution: the iPod ‘alternatives’ should buy each other out and be happy with 20%, or ditch Microsoft and create their own Amazon/Google DRM, player, software, store solution that works across Win, Mac, Linux & mobile phones. Yet even this is doomed to fail, because it doesn’t give consumers anything different to what they have now. We might buy them if they provided something different – they don’t, so we don’t buy them.

    Why: MacOS could never beat Windows by running Windows – it has to be better and do things Windows cannot. It has now achieved that goal with MacOS X and iLife. So too with iTunes, to beat it you must be better. As they cannot, they are destined to fail.

  3. The article read…

    “company post improved financial numbers…. Net sales rose to $390.8 million, compared with $375.1 million in the year-ago quarter.

    Did someone say “Joke of the Day!”

    MW: PERFORM, as in, You need an integrated system in order to perform in this market.

  4. Abid…
    Most Apple product users are low key about their Macs and iPods. MDN, however, is the pub we all go to after the football game to cheer our teams wins and grouse about our losses. The volume here is louder, but when we leave we go about our business with a less rabid attitude.

  5. So if market dominance by the competition means a company should drop out of the running then why is Apple still making computers? They are aren’t they? From most of the commercials I’ve seen they just sell iPods. Too bad.

  6. “You know, if the iPod had a built in radio, all you guys would be supporting that just like you support the video and photo ability in the iPod.”

    No, if the iPod had a built in radio I’d never use it and grouse about the extra cost and size. I have an iPod so I don’t have to listen tot he radio, thank you very much.

    BTW, Apple did release an FM radio attachment for the iPod. Notice how nobody talks about it — even though it’s an official Apple product.

  7. scopi, where to begin?

    “No, if the iPod had a built in radio I’d never use it and grouse about the extra cost and size.”
    – First, no one gives a sh!t about you. Second, there are many things (hardware and software) that get added into an iPod (or even a Mac) that are not needed or used by everyone, or even the majority of people, yet they still get included. What about those costs? Size? Hah, apparently you don’t keep up with technology much.

    “I have an iPod so I don’t have to listen tot he radio, thank you very much.”
    – Once again, your opinion is not representative of any more than .0000000166% of the human population. With that said, there are many reasons why it might be nice to at least have the option. Just because you are incapable of imagining any uses, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

    “BTW, Apple did release an FM radio attachment for the iPod. Notice how nobody talks about it “
    – Apparently you didn’t notice the price tag.

    Here, I’ll even throw in the MDN argument…
    “Just look at the numbers. It’s a feature without a market.”
    – Nonsense, the market hasn’t decided anything, just as the market hasn’t decided that Macs are useless computers.

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