The Idiot’s Guide to Mac Viruses For Dummies 101

“Tech pundits and other media weasels have been falling all over themselves in the race to describe the recent ‘Mac virus’ scandal in the purplest possible prose. Meanwhile, much of the Mac-centric community has bent over backwards to deny that there’s anything to get excited about, some even saying the recent events don’t technically rise to the level of a true “virus attack” in the geektionary sense of the term,” macinquirer writes.

“The Inquirer thinks the truth lies somewhere in the middle: Attempted hack attacks on the Mac are likely to increase with the growing popularity of the platform. This doesn’t mean they’ll be successful attacks. Still, hackers do love them some publicity, and the schadenfreude of some in the PC press over Macs being allegedly pulled down off their virus-free pedestal has proven that, should there ever be a hAXx0rOU812-type who actually does some real Windows-strength damage on Macs, he/she is in for the Mother Of All Myth-Making Press Frenzies,” macinquirer writes. “In the interest of context, and with a little help from our way-smarter friends over at Wikipedia, we humbly present the Macinquirer Short Attention Span Guide to Viruses and Junk…”

Full article here.

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  1. MAC OS X is inheritly more secure than windows by design.

    there was always going to come a day when there would be a virus for os x, but really all this latest blown out of proportion debacle does is keep apple on its toes. they should take security seriously, and i think they do.
    but the safari and mail hiccups show that they can do more.

    we’ve got it very good at the moment.

  2. And the “The Idiot’s Guide to Windows Viruses For Dummies 101” was written by a swimsuit model named Melissa. You can get nekkid pictures of her by opening e-mail attachments. No, seriously. Pass it on.

  3. The Idiot’s Guide to Mac Viruses For Dummies 101

    Lets dissect this statement.

    There’s a class called “Mac Viruses for Dummies: 101”

    Since there are no Mac viruses, only a dummy can beleive there is one. Thus there is no class.

    Now there is a Guide to this class, which doesn’t exist, which naturally only a Idiot would need a Guide.

    Got it.

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