Google debuts Dashboard Widgets for Mac webpage

Google has launched their “Google Mac Dashboard Widgets” webpage.

Widgets are mini-applications that you download and install into Dashboard to add new functionality. Have fun using these widgets!

Featured Widgets:
• Blogger: Quick and easy blog posting.
• Gmail: Your Gmail inbox at a glance.
• Search History: Remember the page from last week? Now you will.

Google’s Mac Dashboard Widgets page is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Daniel” for the heads up.]

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  1. Why support Google. They aren’t exactly doing good by Mac users at the mo. Their new iWeb is not Safari compatible, which is odd since I would imagine it would not take a great deal of foresight on their part to supprt it.

    Also, the new FREE iWeb knock off concerns me. I am getting a nasty suspicion they might start distributing free versions of all of the iLife suite to Windows users. Don’t forget Picassa, which is basically iPhoto stripped down a bit. If Windows users can download an approximation of iLife for free then they are less likely to switch, despite the fact that on the whole they will be inferior software products.

    Tim Coughlin

  2. Im sorry, but no one uses safari Tim, and if you still are switch to Firefox… Its proven the best on Windows AND Mac, I dont care what anyone says, i love apple, but when its good its good… and firefox is good.

  3. I don’t know why people love Google so much. They completely compromised any ethics and morals they had when they submitted to the Chinese govt’s anti-freedom of speech policies in order to get access to the Chinese market.

    You can’t be for the Iraq war, and also love Google. Fight for freedom over here, and help oppress it over there.

    And I’d also like to know if Google is doing anything to scan these widgets to see if they contain back doors or keyloggers.

    mw never

  4. I have firefox installed. Aside from the fact that it is not good looking, I can’t be bothered with the incessant updates and plugins, which are not handled by Software Update. I am sure I could ‘skin’ it to look like Safari, but I can’t be bothered (and its strangely reminiscant of when I used Windows, anyone remember WinAmp ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> ).

    Plus for a user like me I have perceived no difference between the two aside from the way they look. I just want to view webpages with no hassle, and so far I have been able to do this on Safari.

    For my own interest, what is it in Firefox which is better?

    Either way, it is the principle behind Google’s decision I object to. They are the default search in Safari (which people DO use, it is currently at 3% of the internet population, roughly 1/3 the size of Firefox and 9.5%) and yet the pages created by Google’s own software, searched for by Safari users, will be inaccessible.

    Tim Coughlin

  5. Is is secure?
    Is it loaded with Spyware?
    Will they archive it?
    Will they sell it?
    Will the government ever get their hands on it?

    In the internet age, with data mining and all the rest, be careful and KNOW what a 3rd party app does with your private information. Also, anything that is on your computer that connects to the internet could open a security hole.

    Just a word to the wise…

  6. YAY. Somebody mentioned Camino so I didn’t have to.

    Yes, the Mozilla rendering engine is Gecko. Gecko is an extremely good rendering engine, but I don’t know why Apple would want it in Safari. If they wanted to do that, they might as well just make Camino the default browser.
    Google just wants to make everything. Everybody knows that Picasa is a stripped-down, one-click photo organizer that is sluggish and WAY overestimates value in the photo restoration things.
    It made my house look like it was on fire.
    Besides this Google Page Creator that is closer to Tripod/Geocities than it is to iWeb and Picasa, what else does Google have that competes with iLife? They certainly have no iMovie or iDVD, and although Google Tunes may be on the way, I don’t really consider iTunes a vital part of iLife since it’s already a free download for Windows users..

    Don’t hate Google for trying to allow PC users to endure the hardships that come with a PC, because not all PC users want to be PC users. Hate PCs and their need for software imitations to try to justify themselves, regardless of how poor or feature-stripped.

  7. Netscape?
    Old school.

    Did everybody forget that Google fought the government in the government wanting to get a week’s worth of searches from them? They fought it for quite a while when Yahoo and MSN just handed it over as if the government was a bully demanding a little kid’s lunch money.
    I personally think Google has held up extremely well to their “Don’t Be Evil” motto. Without Gmail I’d be getting 35 spam messages every day like I was before, and without their search engine I really wouldn’t be able to find anything.
    Show some thanks for Google. The internet would still be a hassle if it weren’t for them.

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