Apple adds Bravo’s ‘Project Runway’ TV series to iTunes Store

NBC Universal’s cable network Bravo has added its hit Emmy-nominated TV series “Project Runway” to Apple’s iTunes Store. U.S. iTunes Store users can download and own episodes of the reality show for US$1.99 per download. A reunion episode of Runway is currently available via iTunes, even before it premieres on Bravo cable tonight at 10pm.

Along with episodes of this season’s Runway, Bravo also offers select episodes of the Inside the Actor’s Studio, hosted by James Lipton.

Click here to launch Apple’s iTunes Store.

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  1. iDon’t,

    What the fsck are you talking about, you stupid fsck?

    Sorry, everyone, but my patience for stupid fscks like “iDon’t” has been exhausted due to irresponsible and incorrect “Mac virus” articles from literally hundreds of stupid fscks over the past few days.

    In closing: iDon’t, go fsck yourself, you stupid fsck.

  2. Fred,

    Calm down. It’ll be okay. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    But to the matter at hand. There is obviously a market for the downloadable video. This is the on-demand folks have been waiting for. The content keeps pouring in, so I have to assume that the content owners and/or studios are making a nice shiny nickel from the reselling of broadcast/cable programs.

  3. Fred – may want to check the ZIPPER there. iDon’t didn’t seem to be flaming…at least not to me.

    The addition of quality video content to iTMS is welcomed by me. I have a hard time accepting that this content rates as “quality” (though Inside the Actor’s Studio is pretty good at times).

    What we really need is to see an accellerated ramp in the posting of video content. A few new (marginal) shows here and there doesn’t cut it to me. Where are the prime time hits like ER? Where are the HBO original series like The Sopranos? This stuff is available on DVD…why not iTMS? Even childrens content…how about Seseme Street or whatever kids want to watch on a long car ride?

  4. Hey everybody. Forget the “iDon’t’s” of the world. Their negativity matters not a hoot.

    Apple has defined yet another market (downloadable TV episodes) and controls it, if for no other reason than nobody else is doing it. But then, who else can do what Apple is doing?

    But really, does anyone think downloadable content is going to stop here? We’ve got 55 years of television programming to load iTMS up with, and right now Apple only has about 2 full months of it.

    Then there is 50,000 movies (and a bunch more worthy of restoration now that there is a cheap distribution system available to move it through).

    Apple already owns the digital living room, and has yet to give their sprectrum of products a unifying name. When that happens (shortly after the conversion to Intel is complete), it will be game, set, match.

    10% worldwide market share anyone?

    So ignore the “iDon’t’s”, because you know what?, they don’t!

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