Kahney: Forget Jobs, let’s worship Woz

“Two week’s ago I attacked Steve Jobs and made myself the most popular columnist in the Mac universe — even my own wife called me ‘an idiot.’ So this week I figured I’d balance things out by talking about someone I admire greatly: Steve Wozniak,” Leander Kahney writes in his article “Forget Jobs, Let’s Worship Woz” for Wired News.

“There’s a lot to admire about Woz, but let’s start with four things: his dedication to kids; his support for his community and its public institutions, especially schools; his casual relationship to money; and his egoless appraisal of his own place in history — a realization, absolutely true, that he was a good engineer but has been disproportionately rewarded for simply being in the right place at the right time,” Kahney writes.

“Woz embodies the most admirable qualities of the hacker. He’s a great engineer, who designed beautiful machines and made a fortune from them. Good for him. But he wasn’t greedy, he didn’t screw anyone over and he took care of his friends… Woz has been generous with his fortune, financing scores of educational initiatives and sponsoring dozens of public institutions, including San Jose’s Children’s Discovery Museum, which sits on Woz Way… Woz lost an estimated $20 million of his own money hosting a pair of giant Unuson (‘unite us in song’) rock concerts, but considered them a tremendous success because they were great fun and he got to hang out with ‘a few thousand of my closest friends,'” Kahney writes.

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Is it just us or does Kahney lately seem overly concerned about how much people make, how much people spend, what people decide to spend their money on, how people treat their money, etc.? Money, money, money! Did Kahney get a massive pay cut recently? Did his publisher screw him over in a book deal? Did Kahney lose a bundle on the ponies? Is he just trying to jump back over the shark and hope nobody remembers his previous leap? Did he become a monk and shun all of his worldly possessions to work tirelessly with the world’s poor? Kahney, did you move to eastern Massachusetts?

Really, what the heck going on with Leander? He should try to get a handle on his fixation with other people’s money and how they spend it. He should stop judging people, not by how much money they spend or how much money they have or what they spend it on or how they feel about their money, but by how they treat themselves and others. Here’s a suggestion, if we’re going to worship some entity, let’s just worship God, if that’s what we believe in, and leave humans – any human – out of it, okay?

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  1. MDN’s take is about right. Woz is a great guy, yet the background noise of the story seems to be “see? this is what Steve Jobs could be like if he wasn’t a stingy maniacal jerk.”

  2. Still trying to figure out who this guy thinks Steve Jobs screwed over.

    If he wants to use making profit a standard by which all should be damned, then let him write and article discussing the CEO’s of pharmaceutical companies, oil companies, and mostly, large defense (weapon maker) contractors.

    You wanna talk about people who are raping the masses, start there.

  3. no ones going to dismiss woz as an integral part of apples success. without him there wouldnt be an apple.

    steve and woz created something together. simple.

    jobs is still their today, and woz isnt, that doesnt take anything away from either one of them.

    i think kahney is really just trying to back-pedal from a situation.

  4. “Kahney, did you move to eastern Massachusetts?”

    Awww, shit, you made me spit out coffee all over my keyboard upon reading that line!

    Kahney certainly does come across as more than a tad socialist, doesn’t he?

  5. “He should stop judging people”
    -Good words to live by, although hypocritical considering the source.

    “not by how much money they spend or how much money they have or what they spend it on or how they feel about their money, but by how they treat themselves and others.
    -Actually, he did judge him based on how he treats others. Mentioning his financial contributions was a supporting argument. But obviously this doesn’t fit with MDN’s criticisms, so it’s obviously not pointed out.

    Here’s a suggestion, if we’re going to worship some entity, let’s just worship God, if that’s what we believe in, and leave humans – any human – out of it, okay?
    -and this would then include Steve Jobs, right?

  6. Do you guys ever wonder if you are really doing enough with your lives? I mean, who really cares what some guy wrote about some rich people, just because they are related to Apple why does everyone get so caught up? It’s really just a computer company guys… I’m glad I am finally coming around to the realisation of the madness of my former (closet) obsession.

  7. Woz isn’t anything special. He’s no different than Jonathan Ive or Avie Tevenian – skilled people that Jobs knows how to use. Engineering and programming don’t lend themselves to creativity, which is what Jobs’ carreer has been built upon. I’m sure Steve Jobs would be successful even if he had never met Wozniak, but I doubt the reverse is true.

  8. It’s better to read articles about important people like Steve Jobs than to watch reality T.V. shows about unimportant people. The way I see it, like 85% of America has no life.

  9. I have to say my respect for Woz just got shot down a good bit by his limp defense of Google kowtowing to the Chinese over censoring the population’s access to the ‘net. “Maybe its just not right for them,” he said.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident….unless you’re Chinese.” Is that it?

  10. If everyone likes to make fun of eastern Massachusetts so much, why on earth do you all keep sending your kids to school here…?

    (MW is “college.” You can’t make this stuff up.)

  11. I met Woz twice a couple of years ago, he seems a great guy…I wish that Woz would return to Apple.
    He and Jobs were a great team at one time and could be again if they wanted to.

  12. The best school in the country is not— repeat NOT Haaaaaaavaaad or MIT. Stanford, among others, kicks Haaaaaaavaaad’s ass. Not only that– the babes at Stanford look better.

    Half of the major f-ups in the good old US are the product of Harvard B-School, Law School or JFK School grads. We could use a lot less of them.

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