Intel’s Virtualization Technology runs multiple operating systems simultaneously

“Intel is expected to declare Tuesday that its Virtualization Technology (VT: technology that increases a computer’s efficiency by letting it run multiple operating systems simultaneously) is mature enough for testing and about three months away from prime time,” Stephen Shankland reports for CNET News. “Intel’s newest high-end Xeon processors–code-named Paxville–shipped with VT, but server makers employing the chip didn’t enable the feature. Now, with new BIOS software available from Dell, Hewlett-Packard and IBM, that’s changing, said Lorie Wigle, director of marketing for Intel’s Server Platforms Group.”

“VT will extend to more widely used chips for dual-processor servers with the release of Dempsey systems in coming months. And Itanium will get the support with “Montecito,” delayed but due later this year… Software support for VT is in the new VMware Server, Wigle said, a newly free package that lets a computer run several operating systems simultaneously in partitions called virtual machines,” Shankland reports. “VT is required to run 64-bit operating systems on the software. In addition, an open-source VMware competitor called Xen uses VT to let an operating system run without having to be modified. That enables Windows to run on Xen.”

Shankland reports, “Microsoft is working on ‘hypervisor’ software to compete directly against similar technology such as Xen and VMware ESX Server, and that project will require hardware support, the company has said. The Microsoft hypervisor, code-named Viridian, is scheduled to debut in an update sometime after Microsoft’s initial release of its next-generation Windows server product, code-named Longhorn Server, Wigle said.”

Full article here.

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  1. So I buy a copy of OSX and Windows plop it in this computer and can run OSX and Windows on it?

    If so, bad news for Apple. They make their money selling hardware…..and iPods, of course.

  2. I don’t want to run windows.
    I MIGHT like to run a few windows programs at native speeds through the Mac OS interface. This ability would also accelerate switchers and improve Apple’s Market share.

    Might this ability help in that? Is it possible to run a slimmed down version of Windows on a second processor and in the back ground and have all outputs interface through the Mac OS … not in a window, but directly into the Mac OS?

    Not that I have many Windows programs I’d like to run. In fact, I don’t have any. But with that ability it would be possible to buy some software that is currently only made for XP and run it on a Mac without speed deficits.

  3. “….If so, bad news for Apple..”

    Hmmmm …. Maybe not ..

    As was reported here at MDN yesterday…How many
    people would bother running WinDoze on a Mac ..and
    at the same time .. having to endure something like .. this ..??

    MW=”cars”… As in … What if Micro$oft made cars…?

  4. “hypervisor”? Did they not want ot be caught using the word “super” anymore? Of course BillG will say, “I think Hypervisor is a really super product. The design team did a super job with it. I know our users are super excited.”

    or maybe hyper is the new super. “I think Hypervisor is a really hyper product. The design team did a hyper job with it. I know our users are really hyper.”

    So does this tech only work with BIOS-based systems? If so, this is non-news for us.

  5. If my software runs faster on Windows than OSX (and in the case of Adobe/Macrodmedia software it runs like a slug in mud on the Mactels) and I can run programs on Windows that OSX can´t (games) then, yeah, I want both.

  6. Firstly, before I forget, can someone tell me how to do the URL link, bold and italic thing in MDN as the way I used to do it no longer works.

    Secondly, sad to disappoint – but the hypervisor thing seems to be buzzword in that marketplace give that its being used on XenSource’s website.

    Thirdly, Xen – an open source virtualisation environment: how likely is it that we might see Apple adopt this thing as a way of creating a VM capability in Leopard.

  7. Ever notice how at every corner of the IT universe M$ is ‘developing’ their own version of whatever technology is being discussed, that it never comes out until well after everyone else, is partially or totally incompatible with everyone else’s stuff, costs more, and is usually inferior to whatever they have ripped off this week? They claim to support open standards and protocols, but always add just enough of their proprietary BS to keep it from working properly with everyone else’s stuff. That’s the Micro$oftopoly way.

    This company is a leech- a parasite of the worst kind in that is an entrenched, well-connected, quasi-monopoloy. The only advantages they have come from their near monopoly marketshare position, their vast cash horde and well connected political lobby. ‘W’ saved their ass in the DoJ Anti-Trust lawsuit and continues to conveniently look the other way as they continue to violate the agreements and terms of their court settlement.

    Maybe when the reign of Bush terror is over in Washington and someone who can actually throw out the ball at a baseball game without invoking 9-11 & the ‘War on Terror’ is in charge we might actually have a DoJ more interested in enforcing the law than spying on Americans.

  8. Greed, thy name is Micro$oftopoly,

    Do you know firsthand what’s going on with the “spying”, or are you just regurgitating what you’ve been fed off the news wires?

    The best way to kill the MS beast is to not feed it. Word has to get out that there are better products from better companies.

  9. This is a big deal for me. I do scientific programming to solve problems. I do not want to have to learn and use a full GUI framework to create a program — one of many programs — that I write, since I am also the user of those programs. This is common in the scientific and engineering world. That is where Linux comes in. OS X, however, provides me with the best user interface to programs written by others for me to use. I will be buying another Macintosh when such Virtualization Technology is available from Apple. This gives me the best of both worlds — Linux and Mac OS X on a Mac. As for Windows, I would not touch that POS with thick rubber gloves.

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