Thurrott: ‘Nothing on Windows approaches the quality of Apple’s iLife ‘06’

“Every year, Apple issues a new iLife upgrade, and every year, I stare in wonder at my Mac’s monitor, noting the improvements and wondering why Microsoft and the PC industry can’t create something as impressive as iLife for the Windows realm. Three years after the initial iLife release, iLife ’06 is now available, and it’s better than ever. Quite simply, there’s nothing on the Windows side of the fence that approaches the quality of iLife ’06,” Paul Thurrott writes for Connected Home Media. “If you’re unfamiliar with iLife, it’s basically a complete and integrated suite of digital media tools that’s available only for Mac OS X. In most cases, these applications are best-of-breed, meaning that there are no alternatives that come even close to combining the power, ease of use, and integration that the iLife applications provide.”

“What you can’t get from this short overview is how well these applications integrate. If you want to make a movie from your photo collection, your iPhoto-based photos appear in iMovie. Likewise, you can do something similar from iDVD. Each of these applications can reach into the other applications’ databases and extract content, as needed, in a similar and integrated fashion,” Thurrott writes. “Best of all, iLife ’06 is cheap. It comes free with any new Mac, but if you have a previous version, the full retail version is just $79, while a Family Pack, which lets you install the suite on as many as five Macs, is a bargain at $99. Why Microsoft can’t duplicate this functionality—along with the low-ball pricing—is beyond me.”

Full article here.

iLife ’06.Includes iPhoto, iMovie HD, DVD, and GarageBand, plus iWeb, an innovative application that lets you share photos, movies, podcasts, and blogs on the Internet using .Mac. Just $79. Free shipping.
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  1. The vast majority of Windows users don’t care about quality. There are always going to be people that will trade a cheapo price for something thats just good enough.

  2. You know, Thurott has been bashed mercilessly in the past for incomprehensible “Apple is doing it all wrong, and the next version of Windows will blow OS X out of the water” type article.

    Kudos to the guy for seeing the light.

  3. from an earlier post that was ignored…

    What gets me is that MDN publishes this article without even referencing the obvious issues that many loyal apple users are having with iLife 06.

    Does MDN really want apple users to install microsoftesque quality software on their macs?

    iLife has serious issues. It must not have been beta tested completely, that’s obvious by the number of people that are struggling with bug issues. The problems are far beyond what should be expected in a upgrade, and certainly not expected from a company with the history of quality like Apple.

    Come on MDN, you take Apple to take on their lack of advertising, keep your integrity and take them to task on iLife 06.

    MDN word is “late”, as in it’s not to late to find your cojones!

  4. “What gets me is that MDN publishes this article without even referencing the obvious issues that many loyal apple users are having with iLife 06. “

    You miss the point friend. Try to do what you can with iLife on Windblows and see how far you get. Is there room for improvement? Well, yes. There is always a need for more. More of this and more of that. That’s what makes the wheels go ’round.

    Rock on SJ!

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