Motorola and Cingular launch new SLVR L7 iTunes phone

Cingular has debuted the Motorola SLVR L7 iTunes mobile phone for US$199 (2-year contract required).

Features include:
• iTunes Digital Jukebox – play, sort, store and manage music
• VGA Camera with 4x digital zoom, video capture and playback
• Bluetooth wirelesss synchronization
• Download games, MP3, ringtones and streaming video
• Mobile Instant Messaging using AOL®, Yahoo!® and ICQ® Instant Messaging
• Sleek ultra thin RAZR like design
• Multimedia Messaging – send text, pictures and sound
• Pre-installed 512 MB Micro SD card for extended memory
• Store up to 100 songs on removable Micro SD card
• iTunes synchronization with your computer via included software
• Shuffle music library or select songs by artist, album or playlist
• Mobile email and browser
• Built-in stereo speakers
• Brilliant TFT color display with 262k colors
• Voice activated dialing and speakerphone
• Customizable music and wallpaper
• Music pauses for incoming calls then resumes

• Weight: 3.5 ounces
• Dimensions: 4.5 x 1.9 x 0.45 inches
• Talk Time: Up to 6 hours
• Standby Time: Up to 17 days
• Warranty: 1 yr on the phone and accessories
• Quad Band International Phone – GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
• GPRS Class 10 Data Rate
• All talk, data and standby times are approximate and depend on network configuration

More info here.

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  1. Yeh-heh-hehesssss . . . I like black phones. They match my silky black fur and combat boots. Of course, we have to see if Motorblowla screwed de pooch on this phone like they did de last one.

    I’m telling you, sometimes it seems like this company’s run by de same people who set up Ronco. I wonder if they’ll be offering a dehydrator as a high-priced add-on?

  2. Hmm, considering that Palm has switched to the annoyingly bad Windows Mobile Edition, this sounds like a pretty good option for me ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> Shame it’s only on cingular though – I’d REALLY like to have it on Sprint… hmmmm Still tempting to switch networks for it…

  3. Hey, Kip- I thought I smelled you out and about last night. So I’m assuming de gland surgery didn’t take?

    Yeh-heh-hesssss . . . Nice try, Nerd. NO REFUNDS for dorks who already opened de CD and ripped my masterful comedy into iTunes. Now either get to school if you’re a D-student, or go back to sleep if you’re an adult. De welfare office hands out de checks until 4:00 and you can still catch another 40 winks.

    Either way — I POOP on you!

  4. i really don’t see the point in limiting to 100 songs tho, they say so it doesn’t compete, they don’t make the cards in 1 gig sizes so it would only just compete with the lowest level shuffle and nothing else, and why differentiate yourself from the market in such a bad way?

  5. Looks sexy. I like the RAZR better though. I like a flip phone that protects its keys from accidental presses without having to constantly lock and unlock the keypad.

  6. The limit on songs is Apple’s decision…can’t threaten the iPod, no siree, so we have to cripple you unnecessarily. So sorry. You have no options anyways so whatcha gonna do?

    Apple is not unique in this regard:

    “…if some of your products are cheap, you may lose money from customers who would willingly have paid more. So, businesses try to discourage their more lavish customers from trading down by making their cheap products look or sound unattractive…”

    The 100 song limit is unattractive, thus people who buy the phone are still tempted to get an iPod. But can it last? Lookit, the Chinese have copied everything, including our military technology. They will eventually produce an inexpensive phone that stores 5000 songs, has good battery life, and has pleasant software. They ain’t there yet, no, but they will be one day. And digital mobile music players will be a commodity, just like…computers. I plan, however, to be one of the 5% who still buys iPods in 2016.

  7. Use your freakin imaginations, people. Why not combine tracks from each album into one long song. They you can load 100 albums, or until the memory capacity is reached.

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