USB Phone for Skype offers Mac OS X software

Chwang Yi Company has announced the availability of the USBPhone, the first USB phone handset for Skype users to include full-featured control application software for Mac OS X systems.

While the USBPhone works perfectly with either Mac OS X or Win XP systems, the key value it offers today is to users of Mac OS X, because of the Mac OS X USBPhone control application that is included. Until now, doing things such as adjusting ringtones, assigning keypad buttons, setting number presets and so forth have not been possible for these Mac users, according to Chwang Yi Company. Now they are – with this new phone and software.

The USBPhone works with any Mac or PC running OS X 10.3 or higher, or Win XP. The USBPhone includes a CD with the Win XP software. The Mac OS X software is a fre download form the Chwang Yi web site. Priced at $24, the USBPhone is shipping starting today. The product web page is located at

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  1. Can anyone explain to me how to get a handset to work with Skype and a Mac, other than the phone in this link. I’d love to use Skype with a normal looking handset, but I am clueless on how to do this. This phone is perfect for what I want with one exception, the form factor. How about making a USB phone handset that looks (God forbid) like a conventional phone. One that is bigger than my hand and reaches from my ear to my mouth. This phone sounds like it is great functionally, but way to small for me.

    So far the only Mac solution seems to be a head set.

  2. Our herd lives in Canada and we can’t buy this phone because the site says U.S. Sales only. Canada is not far away, and many of our cows in Markham and B.C. are even Chinese.

    We are not amused as we want to travel off this continent.

    A message has been sent to the TX address in midwestern China.

  3. Good god, don’t buy this ChangYi phone. It’s that scam artist Jack whatshisface who offered the reward for a Mac virus! This is his new company.

    If you want a Skype USB phone, buy the one offered at iPEVO. I have it, and it’s brilliant, and yes it has Mac software available. It’s a perfect complement to a Mac, as it’s beautiful. Very much a Mac aesthetic. They have a new wireless version with screen, that they announced at CES, that I’ll probably get when it ships. Anyhow, do yourself a favor and avoid Jack’s new company, ChangYi.

  4. This phone was not the first to offer full integrations on OSX. I’ve been using the USB phone “Cyberphone-K” from VoipVoice for a year now. It has a Mac OSX driver for full integration with Skype. The driver was in beta last year but was released around Nov or Dec of 05.

  5. I am also using Cyberphone-K and although the driver doesn’t work 100% perfectly – I have to unplug the phone and plug it in again each time I start up to have it working as advertised – I am quite satisfied and it has improved my Skype calls a lot – sound quality etc.

    But checking out VopiVoice’s site now, I couldn’t find the driver! I know that their site was down due to a fire in an industrial zone where they are located, I guess, so it might be because of that…
    Tried to write their support about it but only received an error page – and something about Microsoft Page or something similar…

  6. Don’t use the product from CUPHONE. It crashes on the iMAC using OS X 10.4.9 and Skype It would be great to know if other versions of OS or Skype solve this problem, but CUPHONE’s customer service blames the problem on MAC OS and told me to wait for the next upgrade. If that were so, then why would other USB Phones work on iMAC?

    By the way, the crashes lock up the entire system and require a restart, which is in my experience unique on the iMAC. Until now, I have never had a crash that brought down the whole computer. Mac OS X’s crashes were always isolated to one particular application which would close, and leave all other applications intact.

    NOT WHEN I RUN CUPHONE’s APPLICATION: tjinit, which scans the phone adaptor for telephone keypad inputs.

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