Intel CEO Ottellini: Apple will bring us innovation, uniqueness, leading design

“Sitting in a hotel conference room in early December after speaking at a leadership conference in San Francisco, Intel CEO Paul Otellini, who has been in the job since May, for the first time outlined some of the historic changes — and the challenges — he faces in remaking Intel. The chipmaker is changing its logo, dropping the Pentium brand, and launching a ‘big bang’ of products throughout 2006,” BusinessWeek reports. Otellini spoke with BusinessWeek Technology Correspondent Cliff Edwards about a range of topics, including Apple Computer:

Edwards: These are some pretty cherished institutions you’re dropping — the Pentium brand, the dropped “e” in the logo. How much trepidation did you feel?
Ottelini: When Eric asked me if I had any sacred cows, I said no. He asked, what around the dropped “e”? And I said if it makes sense, it’s time to do it. He was given pretty free rein to change. And when I saw [the new logo], it just jumped out at me. It reflected that change, where we want to go. There’s a feeling of movement around [the new logo], and the tag line “Leap Ahead” certainly reiterates that.

Tell me about the Apple relationship. You struck the deal in June for them to use Intel chips, which was something of a coup. What does that mean for Intel?
At the end of the day, we live to sell chips. First and foremost, it’s market-expanding for us. Secondly, as I said at the developers’ forum, the thing that Apple really brings to the Intel family of customers is their innovation. They [have an] ability to not just mix hardware and software, which is unique, but also to drop software upgrades rather frequently to take advantage of hardware changes. I think what [Apple CEO] Steve [Jobs] said at the forum is they’ve dropped five releases of the operating system in the last four years. That alone is very appealing. [When it comes to design], they are a front-runner — people copy some of their design elements. I believe as they start taking advantage of some of our lower-power products…it will drive a trend toward smaller, cheaper, cooler.

More in the full interview here.

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  1. Great obsservation tank. There is so much positive energy at Apple right now. It invigorates those that partner with Apple and makes them both better.

    2005 was a tremendous year, yet, 2006 stands to be so much more.

  2. “I believe as they start taking advantage of some of our lower-power products…it will drive a trend toward smaller, cheaper, cooler.”

    Sounds like a revised Mac Mini.

  3. Oooooh, they eliminated the “e”. Awesome marketing.

    “They’ve dropped five releases of the operating system in the last four years.” What an unfortunate turn of phrase. Let’s hope that Paul didn’t actually say that and has been misquoted.

    Smaller, cheaper, cooler. Reminds me of swifter, higher, stronger.

    2006 will be a …..blast?!

  4. What about the deal with did with Apple for HP Branded iPods. We were supposed to give Apple “gravitras.” We didn’t even get gravy train! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue laugh” style=”border:0;” />

  5. It really is beginning to look like nothing will stop Apple unless something happens to Steve. I mean really, what could possibly stop the momentum at this point. It’s become obvious that Apple has had a long range strategic plan in light of the Intel switch and we are about to see this brilliant strategy unfold before our very eyes.

    MW.. how appropriate.. ‘nothing’ as in it looks like nothing will stop Apple at this point.

  6. I know this is somewhat out of the blue, but I’ve had a few drinks this evening, and feel friendly toward my fellow Mac users…

    Anyhoo, I switched in mid-September 2004 and bought an eMac. I lusted after Apple products for months before, but the purchase literally changed my life.

    In mid-2003 I bought an iPod, and everybody thought I was crazy then. Now, I try to find friends that *don’t* have an iPod.

    Everybody thought I was crazy buying a Macintosh, but now I’ve switched 4 people in the past year and a half, and there’s more on the way. Sounds a lot like my iPod-toting friends.

    The times they are-a-changing, people. It might just be the Christmas/holiday cheer, but I am excited. I can’t wait to see what happens this next year. And it’s not going to be just this year – it’s going to be a slightly slow process, but I think the world is finally understanding.

    Pat yourselves on the back folks. We were first, and without people like ourselves, this whole evolution wouldn’t have happpened.

  7. Funny that Carly’s alias would post, as I was thinking Otellini sounds strangely enthusiastic, kind of like how Carly sounded when she struck the HP iPod deal. I hope his outcome is better!

    And, did Otellini call Steve for some logo font advice, cause Steve’s the font-meister, and I have a feeling that he’s not gonna like their new logo, particularly if he has to stick it on the outside of his Macs.

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